Microneedling Season has Arrived!

Microneedling Season has Arrived! | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jos

Microneedling Season has Arrived!

Any time of year is a great time to microneedle, but the end of summer is especially ideal because you can zap that sun damage in the bud, pronto. RefinedMD offers all of the most effective treatments for all types of skin concerns, and clients love microneedling because it’s a proven and effective way to help your skin help itself. Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling effects are cumulative. The more you microneedle, the more collagen you’ll produce—and the more you can turn back the clock.

The skin is our biggest organ, and an incredible one! There are many reasons our skin ages or generally looks duller and with poor texture. Two primary causes are sun damage and natural collagen loss. UV rays cause unwanted hyperpigmentation an a rough texture, while less collagen means that youthful dewy plumpness begins to vanish. Microneedling tackles both of these common skin woes in easy treatments with no downtime.

How Microneedling Works

Microneedling was discovered over 100 years ago, but like many popular treatments it was initially designed as a medical procedure. When our skin is injured, blood rushes to the area and at the same time the body starts producing more collagen to help with healing. The healing doesn’t take place right away—collagen takes time to produce. That’s also why you’ll continue to see improvements to the skin in the days and weeks following your microneedling sessions.

While collagen is helpful for healing, it’s also an absolute must for gorgeous skin. Microneedling is a controlled way to “traumatize” the skin so that it gets “told” to produce collagen exactly where you want it. A medical-grade device is rolled over the skin to create tiny punctures that are invisible to the naked eye. And if you’re squeamish of needles? Don’t worry. They’re so small they look more like a microdermabrasion brush and microneedling is not a painful experience. In fact, most clients say it feels just like a microdermabrasion treatment!

Microneedling Goes with Everything

Microneedling is so gentle that you can combine it with virtually any other treatment. It’s a fantastic procedure in and of itself, but can also help to maximize the results of other procedures. For example, you might pair microneedling with a facial or a laser rejuvenation treatment. Customize your skin care plan in collaboration with our experts to create a gameplan that works for you. With the help of microneedling, you’ll have autumn-ready skin in no time.

Microneedling is also a quick appointment and can easily be squeezed into your lunch hour. Some clients look a little pink afterward, but this fades quickly and looks like you are slightly sun-kissed. No matter what your skin concern might be, from lines and wrinkles to sun spots and sagging, microneedling is a solution suitable for all ages and skin types.

Unlike some other treatment, it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is for microneedling to work. Some younger clients like it for pre-juvenation, while other clients have found that microneedling is their secret to skin that gets and stays youthful. We all decrease the rate of collagen production as we get older, but you can get it back with the decades-old approach to collagen induction that really works.

Microneedling Routines

You’ll see great results a few weeks after your first treatment, but many people quickly fall in love with microneedling and make it part of their ongoing routine. Scheduling a session every 4 – 8 weeks ensures you’ll continue to see the best results with minimal effort. Plus, for those who love the idea of a treatment that is truly holistic, microneedling is a must. After all, it’s just a way to tell your skin exactly what to do and where. There are no injections or topicals when it comes to a microneedling treatment—it’s just you, your skin, and your personalized way to kick-start collagen production.

If you’d like to learn more about microneedling or if you’re ready to schedule your consultation or appointment, get in touch today! We can’t wait to help you reach your skin goals before the end of summer. Connect with RefinedMD today by calling the office or filling out the contact form.