Nanotechnology: Cutting Edge for Products

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Nanotechnology: Cutting Edge for Products

The science behind your favorite skin care products is evolving and RefinedMD offers only the latest, most effective services. The aesthetic world is brimming with new, amazing products featuring innovative technology. Ready to see what nanotechnology can do for you?

Many products on the market don’t have optimal molecule size. Measured in “daltons,” when the molecule is too large the product stays on the superficial surface of the dermal layers. This renders the product semi-effective, as it could do so much more if the molecule size was right.

Most people complain about these products leaving their skin sticky. Whittling down the molecule size was a challenge, especially since they needed to be less than 500 daltons for maximum skin penetration. Nanoparticle technology made it possible and now these products can promote healthy growth of collagen, elastin, and the extracellular matrix—for the first time.

How Nanotechnology Works in Skin Care

Nanoparticle technology, also called nanotechnology, is now available for products with hyaluronic acid (HA), heparan sulfate, and glycosaminoglycans. It’s likely this technology will soon be used to enhance other products (so stay tuned on the RefinedMD site for the latest updates!).

Right now, the most impressive product featuring nanotechnology is Sente; Dermal Contour Pressed Serum. The proprietary mixture of analogs from heparan sulfates, chondroitin sulfates, and glycosaminoglycans weigh less than 500 daltons. This lets the analogs zip beyond the epidermis to stimulate healthy growth. Sente, as a skin care line, has other nanotechnology serums such as BioComplete Serum and Dermal Repair Cream.

This new technology is changing the world of skin care, but Sente isn’t the only company using this technology to better their products. Alastin, Hyalogy, and Dr. Swengel’s personal favorite, DefenAge, all use nanoparticles.

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Do you need all of these to fight the signs of aging? No. But selecting the right serums for your skin will work wonders in reversing the signs of aging. We invite you to learn more about our practice and book a complimentary consultation at RefinedMD by calling (408) 688-2082 today.