Necklift, Lasers, Ultherapy? Stick Your Neck Out and Find the Best Treatment

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Necklift, Lasers, Ultherapy? Stick Your Neck Out and Find the Best Treatment

Winter is well behind us, which means you can’t hide that sagging, banding, and neck wrinkles under turtlenecks and scarves anymore. RefinedMD offers multiple options to treat aging necks, and there’s no one “best” procedure for all. More severe neck sagging might require a necklift, and Dr. Sudeep Roy is our resident double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Pro tip: A lot of the time, if you need a necklift, you actually would benefit from a full facelift—in which a necklift is already included! However, other clients might not be ready for plastic surgery. Depending on the type of aging your neck has and the severity, there may be non-invasive options available.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to visibly “lift” skin on certain areas, including the neck. The precision of this tech allows the provider to see exactly which layer(s) of tissues are being heated. The body responds by building collagen at the treatment site, which naturally enhances elasticity. The results of Ultherapy can last for a few years, and you can always opt for maintenance sessions in the future. However, Ultherapy is reserved for those with minimal to moderate neck sagging and laxity.

Laser Focus on the Neck

In some cases, laser skin rejuvenation on the neck can be the best approach for skin laxity. Typically, this is for those with minimal to moderate skin laxity. We have a large suite of lasers and energy-based devices to treat skin on all areas and all skin tones and types. However, again, do not expect dramatic results like what a necklift can offer if you opt for lasers or Ultherapy. These are non-invasive, conservative options that can also serve as pre-juvenation.

For those with serious sagging, laxity, and/or banding, nothing compares to the results of a necklift. Only surgery actually removes excess skin and offers immediate, dramatic, yet natural-looking results. Today’s necklift requires a tiny incision below the chin that will be invisible to anyone who isn’t looking for it. When paired with a facelift, you can erase years of aging and sun damage. Dr. Roy’s approach to a full facelift calls for incisions hidden in the ear crevices or, at times, well within the hairline. You can count on a “ponytail facelift,” which uses a technique that allows you to confidently sweep up your hair without worrying about incision scars showing.

What to Know About Neck Procedures

There is only one surgery that revitalizes the neck: the necklift. It is rare that a client only benefits from a necklift. Most of the time, a necklift is part of a facelift because the lower half of the face ages at about the same pace as the neck. Of course, if you are that rare gem who strictly needs a necklift, Dr. Roy is a leading facial plastic surgeon who can give you beautiful results. Recovery from a necklift is surprisingly fast, and it’s easy to cover up during recovery with a light summer scarf. Most people return to work within one week, and full activity (including cardio) resumes in about six weeks.

If you schedule your consult for a necklift or non-invasive procedure now, you’ll be ready to show off that sleek, youthful neck in time for summer. Plus, necklifts and other means of lifting the neck don’t just minimize sagging. They also make patients look slender and more youthful. A sagging neck can lead to what looks like a double chin, even on very fit people. However, if there is also excess submental fat here, you can combine liposuction with a necklift or Kybella injections with Ultherapy or lasers.

Your Necking Specialist

From mild to severe sagging, banding, and laxity, we have the experts and the tools to give you the aesthetic you deserve. The first step is a consultation where we can discuss your goals and the best way to achieve them. Combining surgical procedures with non-surgical techniques is often the best way to maximize results. Contact RefinedMD today to schedule your consult—give us a call or complete the online form for the fastest response.