Oops! Forgot to Get Swimsuit Ready? Emsculpt NEO to the Rescue

Forgot to Get Swimsuit Ready? Emsculpt NEO to the Rescue | RefinedMD

Oops! Forgot to Get Swimsuit Ready? Emsculpt NEO to the Rescue

While it’s true that every body is a swimsuit body, everybody also wants to look and feel their best at the beach and pool. Summer is here, and if you’re still struggling with trouble areas of fat and wish you could get a few more gains before slipping on that suit or trunks, Emsculpt NEO can help. It’s the second generation of Emsculpt and now, in addition to building muscle, it also spot-reduces and burns away fat in the same 30-minute session. Emsculpt NEO is backed by science, which is why we offer it at RefinedMD as a means of body contouring that really works with no surgery or downtime required.

First, let’s go over what the OG Emsculpt does. The original tech forces targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. These are the kinds of contractions that build muscles in the gym or through hard labor. When these contractions occur, they create good micro-tears in muscle fibers so that a kind of scar tissue forms. This tissue is thicker, tougher, and bigger and lets muscles better handle such contractions (loads) in the future. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you get these contractions at the gym, while working construction, or through Emsculpt. A supramaximal contraction is a supramaximal contraction—period. But, of course, there are some major differences (and benefits) when comparing Emsculpt to the gym workout.

The Emsculpt Difference

There’s no way even professional bodybuilders could perform 20,000 supramaximal contractions while training. That’s the equivalent to 20,000 lunges, curls, crunches, or another type of exercise. Not only is it physically impossible, it would also be very dangerous. Plus, NOBODY could do that in 30 minutes. Emsculpt allows your body to achieve 20,000 flawless squats or other such movement in just half an hour with none of the risks you face at the gym. Of course, you will (and should!) feel sore the next day because, again, your body doesn’t know the difference between Emsculpt and 20,000 reps.

However, do keep in mind that results are not immediate. Emsculpt works by the same approach as a gym routine. Even if you could do 20,000 lunges at the gym in 30 minutes, you wouldn’t see results for a while. It takes muscle time to recover, heal, and build. This is why initial Emsculpt sessions require 4 – 6 appointments spaced 4 weeks apart to set the foundation. Then, maintenance sessions every 6 months are recommended for most people. You will start to see some results about one month after your first session, with full results at six months.

What About Fat?

Emsculpt, the original, was and is fantastic at building muscle. But what’s the aesthetic point of gains if there is fat covering up your achievement? Enter Emsculpt NEO. It marries the technology of the first Emsculpt with radiofrequency (RF) to simultaneously burn away small amounts of fat at the target site. Almost everyone benefits from tandem muscle-building and fat-burning so you can see your results even faster. Plus, when fat is dissolved with RF, those particular fat cells never grow back.

Both Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO are totally non-invasive, though the treatment can feel a little strange the first time around. Still, most clients are on their phone or read a book during their appointment. You can also book back-to-back appointments if you want to treat multiple areas, such as the abs and the booty. Plus, you can opt for Emsculpt NEO in some places and the original Emsculpt in others (for example, a lot of women don’t want to burn the fat off their bum!).

When it comes to body contouring, we have the best, safest, and most effective tools and technology. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals year-round, and it’s not too late to make this summer the best one yet. Start Emsculpt NEO or Emsculpt now, or any of our body contouring treatments, and you’ll start to see results by the start of summer. You can also schedule a consult today to find out which approach is best for you. Connect with RefinedMD by calling the office or, for the quickest response, complete the online form.