Options for Lifting the Neck

Options for Lifting the Neck | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Options for Lifting the Neck

At RefinedMD, we offer both surgical and non-surgical options for all of your skin concerns—and that includes the neck. This part of the body is often overlooked and neglected (we’re looking at you, sunscreen skippers). However, it is constantly exposed to UV damage and is very mobile, which means it gives away your age even if you’re vigilant about anti-aging methods on the face. By the time you realize your neck looks older than your face, you might be wondering if the only option is surgery. A necklift can provide gorgeous and fast results because it removes the excess skin causing laxity. However, it might not be the only option.

Whether you’re best suited for a necklift or non-surgical options like lasers to address skin laxity will require a consultation. Complimentary consults are available on select treatments because we want to make sure you have the knowledge and information necessary to make the best choice for you. For those who are 50+ (and perhaps in their 40s) with severe sagging and laxity on the neck, it is true that a neck lift might be the best option. In some cases, liposuction may also be needed to get rid of a double chin—an effective treatment, but one that can cause even more laxity. In other words, if you’re struggling with both a double chin and laxity, bear in mind that skin will be even looser after fat removal and you may need a more aggressive treatment for loose skin.

How a Necklift Works

A necklift is rarely performed by itself, but it does happen. Usually, necklifts are part of a “full facelift.” All surgeries at RefinedMD are performed by double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy. A full facelift doesn’t actually treat the full face (that’s a bit of a misnomer). Instead, it treats the lower half of the face and the neck. Of course, there are exceptions. Some people are a good fit for strictly a necklift and not a facelift. Again, these cases are going to require severe laxity and sagging.

For those with mild to moderate skin laxity on the neck, you may not need surgery. RefinedMD has one of the largest laser suites in the area, and lasers can do a fantastic job of tightening skin. Lasers can provide collagen induction, and collagen is what we naturally have in our bodies that makes our skin taut and youthful. Everyone produces less as they age, but collagen induction treatments (which also includes microneedling) can “tell” the body to start making collagen (and, more importantly, exactly where to do so).

More Methods for Neck Tightening

Lasers aren’t the only non-invasive option. Ultherapy has been compared to a mini lift and uses ultrasound technology to reverse gravity’s effects. It kick-starts the regenerative response of the body and is most often used on the neck, chin, chest, and around the eyebrows. Many celebs have fallen in love with Ultherapy (like Christie Brinkley) because it is safe, effective, and requires zero downtime. This method is extremely precise because your provider can see (via ultrasound) exactly which tissue layers are being treated.

Thermage FLX is most often used for “pre-juvenation” for those with very mild skin laxity in the neck. Those in their 30s and 40s are big fans of this radiofrequency technology that tones and tightens. It can be used in more places than Ultherapy (including the neck), such as the abdomen and knees. Sometimes, clients benefit from a variety of treatments to achieve optimal results.

Sticking Your Neck Out to Be Your Best Self

Once you notice the laxity of your neck, it’s hard to ignore—and pretty soon you won’t be able to depend on turtlenecks to cover up this common problem area. Whether you are interested in a necklift, lasers, or other forms of skin tightening, if you book your sessions now you’ll be able to show off full results by the end of summer. Lasers, Ultherapy, and Thermage FLX don’t offer immediate results like surgery, but you’ll see improvement after about one month. Connect with RefinedMD today to schedule your consultation by calling the office or completing the online form.