When Peels and Lasers are No Longer Doing the Trick, it Might be Time for a Facelift

Beyond Peels and Lasers, Time for a Facelift | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

When Peels and Lasers are No Longer Doing the Trick, it Might be Time for a Facelift

There are a variety of chemical peels and laser therapies that can work magic on treating skin issues related to aging, such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, at RefinedMD we know that combining cosmetic surgery with non-surgical treatments is the key to getting stunning results you’ll really love. Peels and lasers can be fantastic standalone options for those in their twenties and many in their thirties, but once you reach the age of about 35 (though there’s no magic number!) it might be time for something a little more aggressive. That’s where double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy comes in.

Today’s facelifts are nothing like what your mom or grandparents might have undergone. Techniques and technologies have advanced substantially in recent years, allowing for results like the “ponytail facelift” with invisible incisions artfully hidden in the crevices of the ears. For younger patients, such as those in their thirties and forties, a mini facelift can be a means of delaying a full facelift for several years while still dramatically turning back the clock. A mini facelift is just what it sounds like: a facelift, but with fewer and shorter incisions. This means a quicker healing time so you can show off your new look even faster.

Is a Facelift for You?

Years ago, only clients in their fifties (and better) were considered good candidates for a facelift. That’s no longer the case. Increasingly, clients in their thirties and forties are opting for a facelift when they’ve found that their aesthetic services are no longer getting them the results they want. The results from a facelift and mini lift are immediate (save for swelling during the initial healing process), so there’s no need to wait weeks for results or undergo multiple rounds of treatments, which is common with non-surgical procedures. Surgery is the most aggressive option, so you can expect results with a real wow factor, too!

However, natural-looking is at the core of cosmetic surgery today. Even in cases where clients look 10 years younger (not uncommon for a full facelift), your friends and colleagues won’t immediately think “facelift.” Dr. Roy is adept at the art of the facelift and mini facelift, offering results that look organic and natural. If you’d like to keep your key to the fountain of youth a secret, that’s doable with Dr. Roy. Of course, if you’re like many people these days who are happy to talk about their surgical choice and results—well, that might be how you found Dr. Roy in the first place! At RefinedMD, we’re proud to have many happy clients that are eager to share their results and experience with others.

More than a Facelift

Contrary to the name, a facelift is actually a combination of a neck lift and a lower face facelift (the same is true of a mini lift, but on a smaller scale). It is very common to combine an upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and brow lift with a facelift. If you want to address signs of aging, such as eye bags, crow’s feet, sagging upper eyelids, severe brow wrinkles, and a slouching brow, a facelift isn’t going to achieve this. A facelift lifts and youth-ifies the neck, jawline, and signs of aging on the lower face (like marionette lines around the mouth).

Combining surgeries is commonplace, with most clients finding they don’t age in just one area (though the severity of aging can vary around the face). You can also combine non-surgical treatments to improve the quality of the skin itself. Keep in mind that if you also have sun damage, plastic surgery cannot address that. To amplify your results, treating both the sagging skin through surgery and the quality of the skin itself is key.

We work with patients to design a plan that will help them get the best possible results. Whether you’re interested in a mini-lift or a facelift, get in touch today to learn more about your options for making the most of this exciting journey. Plus, recovery from these procedures is usually quicker and easier than many people expect. Schedule your surgery soon and you’ll be able to show off fully healed results by summer vacation. Most patients get back to work just a week or two after their surgery and can undertake many routine tasks (such as grocery shopping) just a few days later. Masks can come in very handy for hiding the initial healing phase. Connect with RefinedMD today and schedule your consult for a facelift or mini lift with Dr. Roy by filling out the online form, starting a chat during business hours, or giving us a call.