Pore Vacuums vs. DiamondGlow

Pore Vacuums vs. DiamondGlow | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Pore Vacuums vs. DiamondGlow

Skin care “tips” are all over TikTok and Instagram, and a lot of the devices and approaches touted on these platforms can lead to seriously damaged skin. One of the most trending products right now are “pore vacuums” that allegedly do exactly what they sound like. However, RefinedMD has worked with many clients who found out the hard way that pore vacuums can be ineffective, cause bruising thanks to aggressive suctioning, and can even cause superficial skin damage due to scraping. If you’re looking for extractions (which is what pore vacuums are supposed to do), you need a proper in-office procedure like DiamondGlow.

Social media has long been known for spreading misinformation, and yet many people still get sucked into the glamour and convenience of it all. Pore size is determined by numerous factors including skin type, genetics, and the environment. You can’t actually change your pore size, but you can reduce the appearance of large pores with routine office extractions using a treatment like DiamondGlow. It might seem like you’re saving time and money by opting for a DIY approach, but long before there were pore vacuums people would squeeze and pick at their pores to try to make them “clean” (yeah, don’t do that either). Then of course the 1990s introduced the era of Biore strips (which, apparently, are still around). There’s something immensely satisfying about seeing all of that gunk on a previously gleaming white strip, but if you check out your pores they still aren’t clean. Ultimately, at-home pore “cleansing” is either pointless at best or dangerous at worst.

Beware of DiamondGlow Influencers

It’s also satisfying to watch other people get their pores supposedly clean. You’ll find a number of influencers showcasing how they suck debris right out of their pores with a bevy of vacuums. We can’t say whether or not these influencers are actually happy with the results, showing the “real” results (since it’s easy to kit a vacuum out with gunk before filming), or simply know what to do to garner more likes and shares. What we do know is that—across the board—real skin care experts warn against at-home treatments.

Pore vacuums are typically ineffective because they’re not strong enough to fully extract debris from the pores. There is also the fact that resurfacing in a gentle manner is a must in order to prep the pores for this procedure. A dual-action is needed here, which is exactly what DiamondGlow provides. This three-step treatment exfoliates (a must!), then extracts, and finally infuses the skin with medical-grade topicals. This is what you need if you really want to make a difference in your skin without any risks.

Why Go Diamond?

DiamondGlow is the second generation of DermalInfusion, renamed because of its genuine diamond tips. A reputable provider is the only person who has access to this device, which means anything you find online is likely a knock-off. Since a gentle exfoliation is required if you want real access to those pores, going straight for the vacuum is pointless. You also can’t safely and effectively resurface your skin at home. Only a skilled provider knows how to do that and has the tools to make it happen. However, if it’s convenience you’re after, DiamondGlow is a 30-minute, pamper-filled treatment that you’ll love to add to your day. So many clients fall in love with it that they often schedule monthly treatments to keep that glow.

DiamondGlow ends with an infusion of topicals, using exclusively SkinMedica products, because that’s the perfect time to maximize the results of these products. When skin is clean, resurfaced, and the pores are actually clear, products can go deeper and work even better. Plus, it’s a great way to try out new-to-you products without committing to purchasing an entire bottle. SkinMedica is one of the top-rated medical-grade lines for skin care, and every DiamondGlow treatment is 100 percent customized for your needs at that moment.

Treating Your Skin

We believe in a solid at-home regimen. You need both in-office treatments and at-home care for truly healthy, beautiful skin. However, such devices like vacuums, aren’t it. Instead, let’s work together to build an at-home skin care regimen using medical-grade products. These complement occasional or routine office treatments so you can get and keep the skin you love. To learn more about DiamondGlow or to book your appointment, complete the online contact form or call the office today.