The Power of Light: Omnilux for Acne

The Power of Light: Omnilux for Acne | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

The Power of Light: Omnilux for Acne

Many people are unaware that there is a very safe and effective light treatment using powerful single wavelength light treatments to treat inflammatory acne as well as early aging changes to the facial skin. This treatment is offered in a series of treatments to treat these two conditions in a very natural, safe process with absolutely no downtime. The OMNILUX system is the only FDA approved light therapy for both of these conditions.

ACNE: The best acne to respond to the alternating blue light and red light diode therapy is the inflammatory papule form. This is often the acne that does not respond well to the usual prescriptive therapies and is certainly preferable to those patients who want to avoid drugs, minimize aggressive topical treatments, who are pregnant and nursing and cannot use most acne medications. The FDA protocol includes a series of eight treatments over a four week period. Treatments are 20 minutes each. One’s skin needs to be clean and free of sunscreens or moisturizers prior to going under the light panels. Blue light will start the series, followed by a Red Light treatment and continue in this alternating pattern over the four weeks. The Blue Light specifically treats and kills the bacteria that are the root cause of inflammatory acne and the Red Light controls the inflammatory condition that is part of acne.

AGING/FINE LINES/WRINKLES: For these early changes to the skin, the OMNILUX system offers a similar series of treatments but using the Red Light and the Infrared Light panels in a similar alternating pattern over a four week period of time. The Red Light again is controlling the inflammation that becomes apparent in aging skin and the Infrared Light actually stimulates fibroblasts deep in the dermis to lay down new collagen and elastin. Removing the red and stimulating collagen and elastin are both part of keeping skin looking as fresh and young as you feel.

OMNILUX is also the light source we use to medically treat precancerous changes to sun-exposed areas of skin. This treatment is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies for specified areas of the face, scalp and anterior chest. We use the Blue Light panels to activate the Levulan Kerastick treatments for actinic damage of the skin. The same number of total joules of energy are delivered as with the DUSA system, but because the output of our panels is stronger, the treatment time drops from 17 minutes to slightly over 4 minutes making the treatment faster and better tolerated. Contact RefinedMD today for a consultation.