Real Housewife Loves Emsculpt

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Real Housewife Loves Emsculpt

Star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Dolores Catania is well-known for being transparent about her weight struggles, and she was quick to sing the praises of Emsculpt. RefinedMD offers only the best in cosmetic and dermatological procedures, including the latest Emsculpt technology. “My whole life, (weight) has been a struggle for me because of growing up in an Italian family,” she explains. “Portion control did not exist.”

Add in hormone changes with age and binge-eating from a high-stress life, and suddenly Catania says she found herself packing on the weight. However, she didn’t want the risks associated with weight-loss surgery—or any major lifestyle changes. She decided to double down on her efforts and combine Emsculpt, a non-surgical means of toning muscles, with Obalon.

She told New Beauty magazine that she lost four inches in her waist and five in her hips from Obalon, but it was just as important that she tone her muscles, too. Being at a healthy body weight isn’t enough for many people to feel confident. Most people crave that healthy look, and for women, that means shapely muscles. However, women, in particular, can struggle with muscle toning.

How Emsculpt Works

Emsculpt works via supramaximal contractions, which forces the muscles to contract just like they do during strength training. A single session, less than 30 minutes, is equal to 20,000 sit-ups. Emsculpt can be used on virtually any muscle, but is most commonly used to get the abs and buttocks people crave. It is also equal to 20,000 lunges or squats.

Fat loss in conjunction with muscle toning is the only way to achieve a sleek, toned body. Women can enjoy all the benefits of an intense strengthening session without any of the effort or sweat. However, since muscles are still being forced to contract (and undergo tiny muscular tears, which is vital for muscle growth), it is common to feel sore afterward just like a “real” workout.

Catania recommends Emsculpt for anyone who’s received an all-clear from their doctor and wants to tone up fast. Combine Emsculpt with a non-surgical fat loss procedure like CoolSculpting for best results. Schedule a consultation with RefinedMD today to learn more!