Rejuvenate the Skin You Show Off Most with BBL

Rejuvenate the Skin You Show Off Most with BBL | RefinedMD

Rejuvenate the Skin You Show Off Most with BBL

The face, chest, hands, and neck feature the thinnest skin on the body, and they are the areas most prone to early signs of aging. RefinedMD features Broadband Light Therapy (BBL) which counteracts the side effects of the sun, pollution, harsh cleansers and aging specifically on these delicate body parts. From wrinkles to brown spots and uneven skin, BBL can help by turning back the clock.

What Is Broadband Light (BBL)?

BBL is the latest generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. IPL and BBL utilize short blasts of high-intensity light that instantly makes skin look younger, firmer, and more toned. It is non-invasive with very little recovery time. Sometimes called a photo facial, BBL is FDA-approved and safe for virtually all skin types.

BBL can be used to treat a variety of conditions, but some of the most common include age spots, vascular lesions (small broken blood vessels), freckles, lack of skin firmness, and general uneven texture. While many procedures focus exclusively on the face, BBL can be used on every part of the body that is prone to showing premature signs of aging.

BBL sounds simple, and it is. Sometimes the simplest solutions are best, especially when they are based in science. All IPL therapies deliver a light that heats up the top layers of the skin. The heat kickstarts skin cell regeneration by forcing the body to produce more collagen in these areas. Collagen is the body’s natural healing process, and it’s what makes the skin look young and taut. We produce less collagen with age, but it is possible to kick-start collagen production again.

Photothermal energies also naturally vanquish the tiny vessels that can lead to redness as well as concentrated areas of melanin that cause brown spots or freckles. BBL also comes with a cooling mechanism to ensure a comfortable experience. For very sensitive clients, a numbing cream can also be applied prior to treatment. Most clients require two to four sessions annually to maximize results.

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