Reminder: Book Your Derm Appointment Today

Reminder: Book Your Derm Appointment Today | RefinedMD

Reminder: Book Your Derm Appointment Today

Summer is coming up, and right now is the perfect time to book your annual dermatology appointment so you can get a head start on undoing signs of aging, sun damage, and more. RefinedMD combines all the facets of skin care that you need for skin that is healthy, radiant, and beautiful. Dermatological care should be an essential part of everyone’s wellness regimen, though it is often overlooked. We are often pretty good about keeping up with those dental appointments and annual physicals—but sometimes we only see a dermatologist when there is a pressing issue.

There are over 3,000 unique medical skin conditions, so it’s nearly guaranteed that you struggle with a few. Just because some conditions, such as acne or excess moles, are common doesn’t mean you just need to live with them. There are tools and technologies available to treat and manage all skin conditions, but you usually can’t get them over the counter. Consider your dermatologist a key part of your health and wellness team, and don’t wait until summer 2023’s sun damage to try to undo those brown spots, fine lines, acne spots, melasma, and more.

Brown Spots Banished

“Brown spots” is an umbrella term that might mean a lot of different things—age spots, sun damage, moles, unwanted freckles, and melasma are some of the most common. Oftentimes, age spots and sun damage or sun spots are the same thing. We just show more of that sun damage as we get older. Sun damage is cumulative and can take years or even decades to show. Damage from sunburns and afternoons outdoors without sunscreen as a child really starts to show up in our middle age.

Likewise, we can get more moles both from genetics and from UV damage. Most moles are harmless, but some may be pre-cancerous or cancerous. This is perhaps the most important reason to book an annual dermatology appointment. You can and should perform skin checks at home, but only a professional can spot the earliest signs of cancerous moles in many cases. Skin cancer is relatively common, but also easy to “fix” if caught early. However, it can be deadly if it goes unchecked or untreated.

Melasma is a particularly stubborn type of hyperpigmentation. It can be brown in color or gray, and is often triggered or worsened by hormone fluctuations. Pregnant people are especially prone to melasma, which is why it’s often dubbed the “mask of pregnancy.” It usually presents as a larger blotch rather than small or scattered spots. There’s no cure for melasma, but there are ways of lightening its look. The good news is that it usually goes away on its own.

Scarred for Life?

Scars are a part of life, whether it’s acne scars, scars from a trauma, or surgery scars. There are many types of scars and they can be skin colored, reddish, or darker than the rest of the skin. Scars can be lightened, oftentimes drastically, with various treatments including microneedling and laser skin rejuvenation. It’s best to treat scars as soon as possible, but even scars that are decades old can benefit from in-office treatments.

Acne scarring is particularly diverse, and if you still get active breakouts it’s important to treat both the acne and the residual scarring. Usually, this can occur simultaneously. Just like scars, there are also different kinds of acne. Anything beyond mild whiteheads and blackheads will probably require professional intervention. Medical-grade topicals, which are only available from skin care professionals, may be called for.

When it comes to acne scarring, you may need a combined treatment depending on the type of scarring. The good news is that sometimes the treatment for an acnes scar, such as lasers, doubles down as a helpful tool to stop and prevent breakouts. Acne isn’t just embarrassing or a rite of teenage-hood. It can be painful, leave scars, and can negatively affect your social and professional life. There’s no reason to live with acne when there are so many treatment options available.

If you have any skin condition, it’s time to book your derm appointment today. Plus, you can upgrade your sunscreen regimen with our medical-grade products available online and in-office so that you’re fully ready for the summer ahead. Get in touch with RefinedMD today by calling the office or completing the online contact form.