Say goodbye to Cellulite… Cellfina is here!

Say goodbye to Cellulite with Cellfina| RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Say goodbye to Cellulite… Cellfina is here!

The game changer for Cellulite is here! For years we have dealt with less than ideal treatments for the dimpling of the lateral thighs and buttocks. There were horror stories of bruising, pain, and even worsening of the condition after various laser, massaging, and cannula treatments. We first need to understand the cause of cellulite and why it is the curse of women only. Fat layers located at these sites on men are flat, whereas they are bound up into vertical columns in women, somewhat like honeycombs. These columns develop fibrous bands that tether and pull the skin down, creating the dimples or cottage cheese appearance that women hate.

Cellfina solves this cellulite problem. It is FDA approved for treatment of cellulite through the use of micro-needles to release those fibrous bands and allow the skin to soften and regain its contours. The process is called sub-dermal undermining. Results are immediate and there is a 94% satisfaction rate after one treatment. This is a minimally invasive treatment where the targeted dimple is anesthetized and then pulled up into a coaster-sized handpiece under a controlled vacuum. This stabilizes the dimple and allows us to methodically snip and release each dimple at the precise depth where the bands need to be untethered. The entire process takes 30-60 minutes based on how many dimples need to be released. Results to date have been nothing short of remarkable. Pain is minimal and recovery is a snap. No other system can promise such easy recovery and results that can last up to a year or more.

RefinedMD will be one of the few first offices in the Bay Area to offer this treatment in 2016. Give us a call and schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for Cellfina. Get those lateral thighs and buttocks ready for your next swimsuit moment.

We offer Cellfina treatments only, but recommend that after the treated areas heal, we do follow up treatments with two other cellulite specific treatments using our new Thermi250 followed by the Zimmer Z-wave, both of which are FDA cleared for cellulite as well. Ask about Cellfina as a stand-alone treatment or with the Thermi250/Z Wave add-on package.