Scalp Acne (it’s a Thing)

Scalp Acne (it’s a Thing) | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Scalp Acne (it’s a Thing)

You may have struggled with acne on your face, and maybe even on your back—but what’s up with the painful bumps on your scalp? RefinedMD treats all kinds of acne, including the lesser-known scalp acne. Just like acne anywhere else on your body, scalp acne can vary from mild to severe, painful cystic acne. Scalp acne has become a little better-known thanks to TLC’s “Dr. Pimple Popper,” and for those who suffer from it this acknowledgment is a long time coming.

Understanding Scalp Acne

Scalp acne differs from acne on other parts of the body because it occurs when the hair follicles get inflamed or infected. However, it’s also most common in people who also have facial acne. Can acne patients ever catch a break? Well, yes—and it requires seeing a dermatologist like Dr. Yeh to get acne under control.

You’ll most often see scalp acne along the hairline, but acne can happen anywhere on the scalp. It’s technically a form of folliculitis or an “inflammation of the hair follicles,” and not acne in the traditional sense. Scalp acne is caused by fungal or bacterial infections, and even irritation such as wearing a hat. It is not seborrheic dermatitis, which is a completely different condition caused by overactive serum production and inflamed skin. The two conditions can look alike, which is why it’s critical to get a correct diagnosis from a dermatologist.

Scalp acne can be exacerbated by stress, abnormal immune responses, hormonal imbalances, and a variety of other factors. The good news is that treatments are available. Just like facial acne, avoid squeezing, popping, and picking (we know it’s tough). Your dermatologist can prescribe medicated shampoos with special ingredients to get scalp acne in check. If you have acne along the hairline, laser treatments and medical topical ointments can also work their magic.

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