Schedule Your Virtual Consultation for Aesthetics, Dermatology, or Plastic Surgery

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Schedule Your Virtual Consultation for Aesthetics, Dermatology, or Plastic Surgery

Virtual consultations are now available at RefinedMD for aesthetics, dermatology, and plastic surgery. Currently, Dr. Sudeep Roy is offering virtual facial plastic consultations at a special rate—call the office to find out about consultation pricing and how to schedule with Dr. Roy. Aesthetic consultations are a great option to discuss a variety of skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, an at-home skin care regimen, and which current specials can help you meet your goals. Medical dermatology appointments are usually covered by your insurance, and a virtual consultation can be the first step in treating a range of concerns including acne, melasma, eczema, rashes, spider veins, and more.

Many patients think of acne as an aesthetic concern because it’s so common, but keep in mind that acne is a medical condition and your insurance will often cover consultations and treatments. Acne is tricky because elements of it can also eke into aesthetic categories. For example, when acne leaves scarring or dark spots, it’s then considered an aesthetic condition and might be treated with microneedling, laser skin rejuvenation, or another in-office procedure. We’ll work with you to determine which type of virtual consultation is necessary for your skin care needs.

The Benefits of Virtual Consultations

Are virtual consultations really as “good” as in-person consultations? In many cases the answer is yes, which is why virtual care has experienced incredible growth in recent years. The Wall Street Journal reports that virtual care has increased at a rate of about 20 percent per year, and Fortune reported that about half of the patients from some insurance providers partake in virtual visits every year. Virtual consultations can be a win-win for all involved, providing both patients and healthcare providers with more convenience, access, and flexibility.

Convenience is unsurprisingly the most well-known perk of virtual consultations. There’s no need to travel to the office, no risk of getting stuck in traffic, and absolutely zero waiting time for your appointment. Without the need to “get ready,” figure out childcare, or other common tasks associated with in-person consultations, virtual consultations make it easy and simple to squeeze these appointments into your daily schedule from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Consultations Spike in 2020

Comfort isn’t the only benefit of virtual consultations. Being able to connect with a provider from anywhere you have Wi-Fi has also allowed patients in more rural areas to get in touch with premium providers. The National Rural Health Association reports that the ratio of patients to healthcare providers is under 40 doctors per 100,000 people. When compared to the ratio of 53.3 doctors per 100,000 patients in urban areas, it’s easy to see why virtual healthcare is changing how we think of aesthetics, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery. Additionally, virtual care helps make access to specialists (such as Dr. Roy) simpler and easier for those who might live in smaller cities or the suburbs. Even if you live geographically close to your preferred provider, crowded cities and jammed traffic can make a 20-mile trip take an hour or more.

Changing the Face of Consultations

As an added bonus, since virtual consultations require less overhead, they also often cost less than in-person consultations (though this will vary based on the type of consultation, any insurance coverage, and specials). In-person consultations are time-intensive, and a lot of the questions that are asked during a consultation don’t require long answers or explanations. For example, it’s perfectly normal to be worried about a strange looking mark on the skin, but a quick analysis (virtually or in-person) from your dermatologist can reveal that it’s nothing to worry about. Patients may opt for future treatments for aesthetic concerns, but peace of mind can often be achieved through a quick virtual consultation.

The sheer efficiency of virtual consultations helps to reduce stress for patients and ease workloads for healthcare providers. The result? A symbiotic win for everybody involved. If you haven’t tried a virtual consultation yet, you might be surprised at how easy and effective it is. Contact RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082 to see what kind of virtual consultation you require and how to schedule it around your busy day.