Your Skin Might be Lagging on Its Self-Exfoliation: Here’s How You Can Help

Your Skin Might be Lagging on Its Self-Exfoliation | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Your Skin Might be Lagging on Its Self-Exfoliation: Here’s How You Can Help

We’re all totally unique, right down to how many dead skin cells we shed and how often. “On average,” we create a new skin cell in the stratum every 28 – 40 days. That’s a big timeframe! It’s also why RefinedMD offers a variety of exfoliating treatments so you can give your skin a little help when it’s looking dull and tired. As we get older, our skin gets thicker, and exfoliating can become more important when it comes to looking youthful. Younger patients can benefit from exfoliating treatments less often, but often still get a beauty boost with routine exfoliation treatments.

One of the best ways to achieve beautifully exfoliated skin is with DiamondGlow. This three-step procedure exfoliates, cleanses the pores, and infuses the skin with medical-grade products all while using a genuine diamond-tipped device. Suitable for monthly sessions, DiamondGlow is equal parts gentle and powerful. It can be used on all skin tones, types, and ages. There’s no downtime and you’ll see an immediate difference, with results that just keep getting better in the days following your appointment.

More Serious Exfoliating Power

DiamondGlow is an excellent choice for a quick pick me up, but what if you want something more aggressive? A chemical peel is a concoction selected just for you, designed to peel away the top layer(s) of skin to stimulate collagen production and reveal younger-looking skin hiding below the surface. Light and superficial peels require virtually no downtime, though you might look a little sun-kissed afterward.

Every chemical peel is selected for you, your skin, your concerns, and your goals. There are chemical peels for all skin tones, like the Jan Marini peel that has been a favorite for years. Don’t let the term fool you—chemicals can be a great thing for skin! Many have proven ingredients like salicylic acid along with botanicals and soothing infusions to turn back the clock.

Tapping Into the Power of the Body: Microneedling

While not technically an exfoliating treatment, microneedling has long been a popular choice for those looking to get healthier skin. It can also be a good choice to complement other procedures, such as a DiamondGlow treatment. Microneedling works by creating micro-injuries in the skin. This tells the skin to get to work healing, via creating more collagen at the injury site. Plus, microneedling literally opens the skin up so it can better “accept” other treatments like DiamondGlow, facials, and laser skin rejuvenation.

For those who prefer a more straightforward pampering, facials remain a top pick. We have facials for every skin goal. Whether you just want 30 minutes of pure relaxation or you’re looking for an activity to do with a friend or loved one, booking a customized facial is the perfect way to “treat” yourself this season. Our skin is always adjusting to the changing seasons, and a facial can help you welcome this autumn looking your best.

Exfoliation Matters: Skin Care

Of course, at-home regimens also make a difference. Only use medical-grade skin care products if you want real results. We have a variety of options in our online shop and are always available to help you put together a personalized regimen. Exfoliation can be part of a healthy at-home regimen for some clients, although it is very rarely appropriate for daily use. However, if you really struggle with dead skin cell accumulation, combining an at-home exfoliant with in-office treatments might be for you.

Not any at-home exfoliant will do. We know that you are inundated with options at grocery stores, drugstores, and department stores, and although these scrubs might feel good in the moment, they often do more harm than offer any real benefits. In fact, non-medical-grade products have been linked to scratching, trauma, and even scarring. Only medical-grade exfoliants have the real ingredients you need in the highest concentrations for safe, gorgeous results.

To get ready for your exfoliation upgrade, contact RefinedMD today. Call the office, shop products online, or book a consultation using the online contact form right now.