Skin Cancer is Sometimes About Location, Location, Location

Skin Cancer is Sometimes About Location | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Skin Cancer is Sometimes About Location, Location, Location

Some regions around the world are home to more skin cancer diagnoses than others. It is important to know where some of the most dangerous places are in the world for skin cancer—especially for frequent travelers. RefinedMD is committed to sharing knowledge and education to help prevent late-stage skin cancer diagnoses.

New Zealand is the country with the most new skin cancer cases around the globe. However, Australia is a close second. It’s no surprise that countries riddled with sunshine, along with generous populations lacking melanin, are skin cancer central. However, countries like the United Kingdom do rank in the top ten. They had 460 new skin cancer cases last year. The UK is experiencing a spike in skin cancer, and some researchers believe it is because of the affordability of traveling abroad. Holidays in Spain, the Caribbean, and other sunny places may come with a dangerous side effect.

There’s also been a recent increase in the use of tanning beds in the UK. Vitamin D, which is found in the sun and UV rays, may help with the doldrums of a gray British day—but at what cost?

Sweden also makes the list at number four. However, it also offers the best access for treatment of the 62 studied nations. Sweden’s impressive national health spending score means that even though skin cancer diagnoses are high, people are likely keeping up with regular appointments and getting diagnosed early. Skin cancer is the easiest cancer to treat when diagnosed early.

The USA comes in at number nine. Obviously, states with more sunshine are going to experience higher rates of skin cancer. However, it seems that even with the USA’s many sunny states and large population, word has gotten around about the importance of sunscreen and the dangers of tanning beds.

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