Something Old? Not with Botox as Part of Your Wedding Checklist

Something Old? Not with Botox as Part of Your Wedding Checklist

Something Old? Not with Botox as Part of Your Wedding Checklist

Whether you’re the bride, groom, or a guest, weddings are an occasion where you want to look and feel your best. RefinedMD recommends getting Botox at least one week before the big day so you can enjoy the full effects. If you already have an established Botox routine, don’t let your maintenance injections slide in the midst of all the prepping and planning. And if you’re new to Botox? It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to look younger, happier, and minimize lines and wrinkles with little to no downtime.

However, there’s a lot more Botox can do than freeze creases, folds, and wrinkles—yet that’s still a big bonus for weddings in the summer. Botox can stop those angry elevens between the brows so your photos are flawless. This treatment can prevent you from squinting in the sunlight if it’s an outdoor affair. And all the stress and worry over planning can be erased with just the right number of units. If you’re planning the wedding, there’s no denying that you’ve had a stressful few months, and that’s going to show on your face. But it doesn’t have to. Let’s take a look at how else Botox can make this big day one to remember (wrinkle-free).

Botox to Accentuate Features

Botox is commonly used to provide a slight lift of the brows. This is achieved when your provider injects a few units right along the top of the brow. The difference is subtle, but it can help freshen up the eyes and, for women, highlight that feminine arch. Plus, most people are already getting Botox in their forehead so adding it along this area is a natural extension. You’ll always be asked if this is something you’d like during your appointment, and for the vast majority of clients it’s an added boost to their Botox regimen.

The lip flip also calls for Botox and is a simple way to add more volume to the upper lip. Keep in mind that this only affects the upper lip, so if you want more voluminous lips in general then you will want to opt for lip fillers (and you should get those at least one month before the wedding). A lip flip doesn’t actually add more volume to the upper lip, but it gives the appearance of doing so. It works by weakening certain muscles of the lip that pull it up too much when smiling, laughing, and talking (all things that will be happening a lot at the wedding!). This helps to hide a gummy smile. If you’re not sure if a lip flip or lip fillers are right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our expert injectors.

Botox to Keep Down the Stress

Botox is also routinely used to stop excessive sweating, which can be a huge blessing for summer weddings in the heat. Technically, you can get Botox injected just about anywhere so you can put an end to embarrassing, photo-ruining sweating. For most clients, routine Botox injections are enough to keep their sweat in check and it works within one week.

Botox can do a lot of things, but it can also complement a wide variety of in-office treatments such as superficial peels, facials, and laser skin rejuvenation. However, fillers and Botox are two of the treatments with results that happen quickly. It’s not too late to schedule your Botox injections for a summer wedding so that you can make sure you look revitalized and fresh. We have some appointments still available and these are quick, lunch-hour appointments that can fit into any schedule.

Injectables are popular amongst men and women alike. Increasingly, more men are using Botox—Brotox—because the playing fields are leveling up when it comes to who wants to look refreshed. If you’ve let your Botox appointment slip through the cracks or if you’re ready to try out Botox for the first time, give us a call and we can also discuss complementary procedures to maximize results. This is the one event where you deserve a serious glow-up, starting with Botox. Contact RefinedMD during business hours to schedule your appointment or, for the fastest response, complete the online contact form right now.