There’s Still Time to Schedule Your Skin Check Before End of the Year

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There’s Still Time to Schedule Your Skin Check Before End of the Year

Have you had a skin check in 2022? If not, RefinedMD still has appointments available before the end of the year. There are over 3,000 unique skin conditions and a guarantee that you have at least one of them. Whether it’s acne, rosacea, eczema, or another common condition, there are treatments available. It’s rare that an over-the-counter solution is going to be effective and long-lasting. If you really want the healthiest skin possible, it’s going to require expert intervention.

One of the most common conditions is hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, hormone changes, or scarring. This can present in many ways including moles, brown spots, and even melasma. Although hyperpigmentation isn’t typically dangerous, it is unappealing and can make you look older than you are. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of brown spots such as chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, and microneedling. Hyperpigmentation is inherently seen as a sign of aging (you do not see it in children) so getting rid of brown spots will immediately help you look younger and healthier.

Skin. Care.

Skin care should be considered just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. After all, it is an organ, and the only organ completely exposed to environmental factors such as UV damage and pollution. Many people make it a point to visit their GP and dentist at least once a year, but the same priority is not given to the skin. Unfortunately, many people wait until a skin condition is unbearable before seeing an expert—unnecessarily living with an uncomfortable and/or embarrassing condition for much longer than is necessary. The sooner you take care of skin issues, the easier and quicker they will be to treat.

However, in-office treatments alone are not going to be enough. You need to combine routine in-office procedures with a proper, customized, skin care regimen at home using medical-grade products. Only these products have the strongest, most effective ingredients in the highest doses. If you do use medical-grade products, right now is the perfect time to reassess your skin’s state and needs. Our skin is always changing, especially with the seasons, and what worked in months past might no longer be the best solution for you. We are committed to helping you create a regimen that works for you, your skin, and your lifestyle. A little goes a long way with these products.

Medical vs. Cosmetic Care

In the world of dermatology, there is often a thin blurred line between what is considered medical vs. cosmetic skin care. They can be one and the same. For example, acne is a very common medical condition that can range in severity. It can also reduce your self-esteem. There are both “medical” (prescription) and cosmetic treatments for acne, and combining them often yields the best results. A prescription from your dermatologist coupled with laser treatments at RefinedMD is the secret to many people finally getting their acne under control for good.

We can also develop new skin conditions as we get older. For instance, rosacea is one condition that can appear at any time. It is chronic and non-curable, but certainly manageable. However, few skin conditions go away on their own. Intervention is necessary, and that is going to require expert care.

Scheduling Your Skin Check

Getting your skin checked at least once per year can help you stay on top of skin conditions. You will get the treatment you need and the clear skin you deserve. Plus, it’s one of the easiest things to tick off your 2023 to-do list. Skin that is healthy is beautiful, youthful, and a serious confidence booster.

We make it easy to care for your skin by offering only the latest, best, and most effective solutions. With appointments that easily fit into your busy schedule, contact us today to set up your end of year check (you can also check out our store during your appointment for stocking stuffers everyone will love—or shop online). Contact the team at RefinedMD today by starting giving us a call or completing the online contact form.