Study Highlights “Appreciation” of Thermage FLX

Study Highlights “Appreciation” of Thermage FLX | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Study Highlights “Appreciation” of Thermage FLX

A recent questionnaire-based study examines how much Thermage technologies are appreciated when performed by dermatologists. At RefinedMD, Thermage FLX is one of the two most popular options for skin-tightening, suitable for mild to moderate skin laxity. The researchers analyzed 52 surveys and found that Thermage FLX is considered more effective by 57.4 percent of patients, along with it being faster (taking only 66 percent of the time) compared to the older Thermage CPT treatment. These are key reasons why at RefinedMD we exclusively offer the Thermage FLX option for turning back the clock.

The survey also showed that Asians in their 40s benefited most and that skin thickness is still the most pressing factor in how responsive skin is to this treatment. While there will always be “ideal” patients for every treatment, keep in mind that anyone of any skin tone or type may benefit from Thermage FLX if skin laxity is a concern. On average, most patients (51.9 percent) opted for a yearly treatment. Plus, the newer 600 REP has a new 4 cm2 total tip that has proven to be (by far) the most popular attachment for Thermage FLX with 86.5 percent of patients choosing it. As a bonus, the researchers had previously undertaken a similar survey in 2017 and this latest survey found that there were even fewer complications thanks to optimized treatment and technologies.

Thermage for Loose Skin

Prior to non-invasive treatments like Thermage FLX, surgical options include a facelift that required downtime and general anesthesia were the only way to dramatically tighten skin. However, in the last 20 years, there has been a surge of skin-tightening devices that are safe and available with virtually no downtime. Thermage FLX works via monopolar radiofrequency for a non-ablative alternative to a mini facelift. It has been approved by the FDA for 20 years now (since 2002) and in those decades the makers of Thermage FLX have continued to hone and perfect the technology.

The questionnaire survey included 23 questions for dermatologists who have been working with Thermage FLX for at least one year (and who use the latest device). The researchers sourced participants from the annual Thermage user meeting. Questions were multiple choice, allowing participants to select more than one answer. There were three key parts to the survey including perceived effectiveness, practice patterns, and any complications.

Surveys Results on Thermage FLX

Overall, patients with thicker skin tend to respond best to Thermage FLX regardless of tone or ethnicity—this is especially true when comparing Thermage FLX to its predecessors. Thermage FLX also won as the most effective options for reducing pore size (selected by 67.3 percent of respondents as the top tool) and is also a top choice for helping with acne. Plus, treatment settings in this survey were lower than what was reported in previous surveys (both 2017 and 2011), with dermatologists selecting levels 2 – 2.5 most often for the cheeks and forehead. Compare this to 4 – 4.5 as the highest settings in previous years and it’s clear that today’s treatments are more effective and gentler.

However, every Thermage FLX treatment is (and should be) customized for every patient. This is true of any procedure you are considering, and why it is so important to exclusively work with a medical day spa when undertaking cosmetic procedures and treatments. Thermage FLX is an excellent tool for looking younger, tightening skin, and even delaying more aggressive treatments like surgery for several years. In fact, many patients find that annual Thermage FLX treatments gives them the results they want, delaying or taking surgery off of the table entirely.

Is Thermage FLX the Right Choice for You?

Any adult with relatively healthy skin (i.e. no active breakouts) might be a good fit for Thermage FLX. It can be suitable for virtually all ages since it can treat a myriad of stages of aging, and some younger patients use it as a preventative measure. Thermage FLX also pairs well with injectables like Botox and dermal fillers for a more comprehensive rejuvenation. If skin looseness has been bothering you, Thermage FLX might be the answer. Contact RefinedMD today to schedule a consultation by calling the office or completing the online contact form.