Esthetics offices used to look at each treatment as something that is done uniquely and separately from other events because we felt that our patients would better appreciate the end result from each unique treatment.  We effectively lined them up for one treatment at a time, allowing them to recover and then move on to some other event.  We have learned this is not always the best way to give best results.   Sometimes 1 plus 1 equals 2 but we are seeing that 1 plus 1 equals  3 or more and that 1 plus 1 plus 1 can often hit a home run…….a 5 or 6.   There is this thing called synergistic  effects and that is what we are hoping to maximize with your every visit.

All sorts of injectables can be done together if placed in the correct sequence and usually never placed into an area that is going to swell because of another event.  The neurotoxins such as Botox are the most at risk with this as the last thing we want it to have post treatment swelling move it into the wrong place and relax the wrong muscles.  All of us have had this happen and we learn quickly.   Rest assured there are a lot of treatments that can be layered safely and effectively and allow you to have a more additive, synergistic event each time you come to RefinedMD for your customized treatments.   Here are some suggestions:

When you come in for your Botox every 3 or 4 months, come in early enough to do a DiamondSmooth facial with Hannah and when you are done with this killer facial treatment, let us put some our our super potent topical anesthetic on your lips so that we can plump those lips at the same time we are relaxing all those facial muscles.

BBL’s are one of our signature light based treatments and they certainly can be left as a stand alone treatment, but they are turbo charged when followed up by a fractional laser treatment at the same time.  You can take your pick as far as how much sandpapery down time you want, so we can pick and chose a Clear and Brilliant, a LaseMD, a microlaser peel, our newest Moxi treatment and even a Halo.  Remember, these don’t just add up the results, they turbocharge them.  We now have the newest equipment to allow us to take BBL anywhere on the body to remove unwanted sundamage and browns with zero risk of striping, blistering and under treatment.  Try the new BBL HERO.   It is a game changer off the face.  Say good bye to all those sunfreckles gathered over a lifetime.  

Genius treatments for overall skin laxity and creping is an amazing treatment, but again can be expanded to include a fractional laser treatment right over the top, using LaseMD, Moxi , and even Halo. All of these fractional events can be pushed even further with faster healing, more robust results when pretreating with Skin Nectar and following up with PRP, PRF or Exosomes.  Just ask and we can plan ahead.

Genius treatments for acne scarring are usually preceded with tumescent anesthesia and subcision to give you fantastic comfort and our ability to release those tethered scars prior to a treatment.   Once a Genius is complete, we can top it off with a full deep Halo Treatment or an even deeper ProFractional Treatment and usually follow this combo off with at least exosomes or for those willing to step up the game to layer on live human stem cells that are a game changer in the overall response to more aggressive treatments.

So let’s start talking about  combo treatments: those synergistic opportunities to give you turbocharged results in fewer visits.  Yes we love seeing you but appreciate in these time of Covid that we need to minimize our exposure risks and  get as much done as possible in one visit.   We can give you  a fanastic combo treatment, do some body contouring at the same time and get those skin care supplies fully restocked until  your next ‘Syner-Visit’