The Art of the Peel

The Art of the Peel | RefinedMD, Los Gatos and San Jose

The Art of the Peel

Today’s high tech laser, broadband light, and radiofrequency technology tend to drown out the beauty, the simplicity, the predictability and the very reasonable pricing of traditional or not so traditional facial peels. We are not talking ‘facials’ here but true chemical peels applied by a doctor or other healthcare professional to address certain skin conditions with that specific peel. Such concerns include: oily, acne prone skin, large pores, coarse skin texture, pigmentation and overall mild laxity. A chemical peel does just what its name says: you will peel at some point. A peel that claims you will not experience a peeling moment really is not a peel. With most peels, if there is no peel, there is no long-term improvement.

Our skin needs external events now and then to create a controlled epidermal injury to remove the top dead or dying layer of skin and in doing so stimulate increased skin growth to protect and replace those layers lost to the peel. This by definition becomes rejuvenating. The art is to select the peel that is right for your skin tones and the current condition of your skin. You are totally functional during the recovery from a peel, but remember there are a few days when your skin will look at bit ‘shaggy’ but the end result is fresh, pink, vibrant, more youthful skin after the dull, lifeless old layers have been removed.

The real beauty of these physician level peels is they are available at amazing price points, with prices ranging from $150 up to $750 for the more complex peels addressing pigmentation and sun damage concerns. Most of these take 10-15 minutes to apply and have post care treatment and instructions included with the treatment. We do offer traditional TCA peels in the 35% range for people who can handle the discomfort and want a deeper peel and willing to deal with the more aggressive peeling that occurs after such a peel. Prices on these vary based on location and concentrations used.

Peels currently being offered at RefinedMD

Jessner’s Peel: For pigmentation, coarse and acne prone skin. Usually offered in a series.
Traditional TCA peel: This is the peel that ‘frosts’ the skin, resulting in a separating layer occurring under that frost about a week later. This is the grand-daddy of all peels.

Obagi Radiance Peel: Our gentlest peel often chosen by patients new to peels or who need a quick recovery peel.
Theraplex 20% and 30% Peels: Ideal for oily, acne-prone skin. Can be used on the back. The lipophilic Salicylic acids in these peels self-neutralize making for a safe predictable peel.

The Perfect Peel: A favorite ‘leave on’ peel using a proprietary mixture of acids that make the peel painless. Glutathione rich, it helps to calm skin, control pigmentation and improve texture and pore size. For those with thicker, oilier skin, this peel allows us to add a ‘booster’ vial to give it even more kick.

VI Peel: our newest peel which also has a proprietary acid mixture which makes it virtually painless. A ‘leave on’ peel, it can be customized to simply peel, or address coarse acne prone skin and pigmentation. Great for melasma as the VI Peel Plus includes Hydroquinones for deep penetration of the skin as hydrocortisone to control the inflammatory reaction.

Replenix Perfect 10 Peel: Intermediate and Advanced levels: Proprietary acid combination in these peels allow for better penetration of retinols, antioxidants, and other skin purifying botanicals. This is a layered peel.

Glytone Peels: Specialized peels we offer for rosacea-prone skin, hands, décolleté, and even eyelids. Usually done in a series.