To Fox Look or Not to Fox Look? How Eyelid Lifts and/or Brow Lifts Achieve It

To Fox Look or Not to Fox Look? Eyelid Lifts and Brow Lifts | RefinedMD

To Fox Look or Not to Fox Look? How Eyelid Lifts and/or Brow Lifts Achieve It

The latest must-have look is the fox look, a term popularized by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. It’s been highly requested at RefinedMD in recent months as the Zoom era continues to inspire more and more people to treat themselves to a face refresher. The fox look is just what it sounds like—a slightly slanted aesthetic of the eye that’s seductive and a bit secretive. Some people have it naturally but others can achieve it via both surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Sudeep Roy is the resident expert in all facial plastic surgeries. Eyelid lifts, also known as blepharoplasty, and brow lifts have long been among the most popular of facial plastic surgeries. These procedures affect the upper half of the face where signs of aging occur most often. They regularly accompany a facelift, which only affects the lower half of the face. However, for those interested in just the fox look, which is better—an eyelid lift or a brow lift? Let’s see what Dr. Roy has to say.

Getting Foxy: Facial Surgeries For Doe Eyes

One issue with the beloved fox look is that there’s no established procedure to achieve it. It’s basically a certain look some people have that makes them look a little sly and sexy, the polar opposite of the also adored Bambi look or doe eyes. This makes it tough to say exactly what look would best suit you, but Dr. Roy can work with you to determine goals and approaches that will work with what you want to achieve and what you’re already working with.

An eyelid lift strictly addresses sagging around the eyes. It can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids, but most people interested in the fox look are mostly considering the upper eyelids. However, upper eyelid lifts are not designed to change the natural shape of the eyes, but rather turn back the clock. It’s a great procedure if you have ptosis, the medical term for sagging of the eyelids, and it can certainly help you look younger and refreshed. However, if you don’t already have some natural slant to your eye shape, this procedure won’t give you the fox look.

High Brow Style

A brow lift is much more suited to altering the shape of your eyes if that’s what you’re after. (If not, a more subtle brow lift will “lift” a heavy brow and give you back the natural youthful appearance of the brow and upper eyes that has disappeared over the years). There are many different techniques when it comes to brow lifts, which Dr. Roy can go over during your consultation. Some offer a more aggressive approach and can be better suited to altering the eye shape.

Brow lifts are meant to change the brow position to fix excess skin on the forehead. This achieves wrinkle reduction, while also helping open up the eyes. It can be a useful surgery for droopy brows and also improves hairline appearance. The best brow lift for the fox look will probably be a temporal brow lift, but a customized recommendation will be made for each patient. To enhance the outcome even more, a neuromodulator like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin can be used in conjunction with the surgery. A brow lift is a semi-permanent solution (your skin will still age as normal, so the procedure is turning back the clock rather than stopping it) but neuromodulator injections every 4 – 6 months on average can extend the results of the brow lift.

Your San Jose Facial Surgery Expert

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find out just how quickly eyelid lifts and brow lifts heal. After some initial swelling and perhaps bruising, many patients feel comfortable hopping back on Zoom calls and running short errands just one week after surgery. Results are immediate, but it will take up to six months to really see the effect—just in time for fox season if you book your appointment today.

Whether you’re interested in an eyelid lift, brow lift, injectables, or the fox look, you deserve to only work with the best in facial plastics in San Jose. Dr. Roy is committed to providing his patients with individualized plans that result in gorgeous outcomes they’ll love. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Roy at RefinedMD today by calling the office or via the online chat.