The Power of Diamonds—DiamondGlow

The Power of Diamonds—DiamondGlow | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

The Power of Diamonds—DiamondGlow

Let’s be honest, one of the major draws of the DiamondGlow experience is that it uses real crushed diamonds to exfoliate the skin and extract impurities from the pores. In fact, it’s one of the most popular treatments at RefinedMD. The three-step process simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with a bath of medical-grade topicals hand-selected just for your skin in that moment. Of course, diamonds are known for their durability, toughness, and beauty. It’s no surprise that using 1+ of seven proprietary crushed-diamond wands is going to give your skin some serious cleansing and glow. But did you know diamonds allegedly have other benefits, too?

There’s a reason diamonds are in high demand, and contrary to popular belief the adoration of diamonds did not begin with a mid-century DeBeers advertisement (though that certainly helped). Diamonds are a precious gemstone known for their sparkle, and since time immemorial they have been sought after for a myriad of reasons. Some say they attract wealth while improving physical health. Others say they offer “spiritual benefits” while adding positivity to your life and boosting confidence. No matter how you feel about the benefits of diamonds, it’s worth considering what others say about this precious stone.

Upgrade Your Health

One of the primary reasons diamonds are beloved (after their beauty and investment purposes) is because astrologers say diamonds have positive vibes that benefit your health. They have been linked to helping with liver, asthma, and throat issues as well as soothing the digestive system. Now, as a medical day spa we are staying mum on this matter, but start poking around and you’ll see that diamonds have been used to boost overall health for hundreds of years.

Others are attracted to diamonds because it is known as the stone of emotions and positivity. Venus, the “love planet,” is linked to the diamond—which makes another argument for why diamonds are such a popular engagement and wedding stone. Some say that diamonds can strengthen your mind, boosting thoughts of kindness while helping to ward off worry and fears. Of course, we would be a lot less worried too if there were more diamonds in our life—and DiamondGlow can make that happen.

Diamonds are Your Best Friend

Some believe that diamonds encourage you to practice empathy and compassion. In astrology, they amplify “divine bliss.” Diamonds, as such, can help with a variety of issues such as creative blocks, which make them a favorite stone for artists, writers, and musicians. Plus, they have long been known as a confidence booster. It makes sense that an ultimate sign of luxury, sophistication, and elegance is going to improve your self-esteem, but this connection was made long before Marilyn Monroe sang of her penchant for the stone.

Get Your DiamondGlow On

Maybe some of these benefits resonate with you, and perhaps they don’t. All we know is that a DiamondGlow treatment makes every client feel like royalty, but with the baby-soft smooth skin of a diva. DiamondGlow takes all of the “musts” of skin care and amps them up, all in a 30-minute blissful session. DiamondGlow is gentle enough to undergo monthly sessions, or you can opt for a one-time session for a big event. There is no downtime, and many clients get a treatment the morning of a major event. Some very minor redness may occur for an hour or two after your treatment, but this dissipates quickly.

Additionally, a DiamondGlow is a great way to try out medical-grade products before committing to an entire bottle. Medical-grade products are worlds apart from anything you can buy in a store or even at high-end department counters. If you want the real VIP treatment, you deserve nothing less than diamonds. Our provider will match you with the best diamond tip(s) to achieve your goals as well as the right medical-grade products for your skin. Every skin tone and type is a good match for DiamondGlow, though you may want to wait until any open wounds or acne breakouts are largely healed prior to getting this treatment. Schedule your DiamondGlow today by calling RefinedMD or complete the online form for the fastest response.