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Can you really get a facelift without surgery? That’s what a thread facelift accomplishes, and it works just like you think. With absorbable sutures, created from biodegradable polymers that are common in medical devices, the mid- and lower-face can be re-contoured. Learn more about Dr. Steven Swengel and talk with the esthetics team at Refined Dermatology to see if this cutting-edge procedure is right for you. – 408-384-3845.

How A Thread Facelift Is Performed

This outpatient procedure is relatively fast, pain-free, and offers immediate results without the risk, scars, and down time of a surgical facelift. This can help with volume loss in the cheeks, lips, neck, and jowls while encouraging the body to create collagen where the sutures are placed. Almost invisible to the naked eye, tiny cones are attached to the threads that lift and tighten the skin from below the surface.

The thread facelift takes a two-prong approach to tightening your skin. First, the lift is instant. Secondly, the tiny sutures cause inflammation, which is a natural booster for collagen over time. In other words, this insta-lift offers both short- and long-term effects. Although not as mainstream as Botox injections, thread facelifts have been around for quite awhile. However, the methods have dramatically changed for the better. In the past, barbed sutures were used solely for the brows and cheeks. These were tough to work with for even the most skilled of dermatologists. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the pesky sutures had to be anchored to the brow, temple, or scalp area. Knots had to be tied excruciatingly perfectly to secure them—and these sutures were life-long. That meant that surgeries later in life would be more challenging. Talk about a serious commitment.

Thread Facelift | Refined Dermatology, Los Gatos and San Jose, CA
a thread facelift is a viable option for those looking to tighten up loose, crepey skin in the face and neck area.

Thread Facelift Consultation with Refined Dermatology

Enhance Your Results with Cosmetic Treatments

Increasingly, the thread facelift is being used in conjunction with additional procedures including fillers, fat reduction (for Kybella), and Microneedling. Whether you want to add some extra oomph to your next Botox injection or a little more pizazz after your laser treatment, the state of the art thread facelift technique can take your skin game to the next level.

The thread facelift has also been in high demand for services for men. Studies show that those who look younger are more successful in all aspects of life, from romantic to professional. We know what you’re thinking. Did they really need a study for that?

Now, there’s no need for anchoring with the absorbable sutures. It’s the perfect solution for those who want instant gratification and no long-term commitment (ahem, just about everyone). Find out more when you schedule your consultation with Refined Dermatology by calling 408-384-3845.

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