How Old is Too Old to Get a Facelift?

How Old is Too Old to Get a Facelift? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

How Old is Too Old to Get a Facelift?

There’s no age cutoff for a facelift, and while there are no widely shared records in the United States regarding facelifts, England does keep track. Great-grandmother Toni Goldenberg was 80 years old when she got a facelift, but she told the Daily Mail that she first started thinking about facelifts in her twenties when her first wrinkles appeared. At RefinedMD, double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy performs facelifts on adult patients of virtually all ages. Today’s facelifts can help a person look 10+ years younger while maintaining natural-looking results.

Facelifts are one of the most popular of plastic surgeries, in both the U.S. and England. Goldenberg saved for her procedure by keeping change in a huge Coca Cola bottle. (Fortunately, on our side of the pond there are a few different ways to finance facelifts, like medical credit cards!). Goldenberg saved 10,000 GBP for the procedure, which she dubbed her “facelift fund.”

Goldenberg’s Facelift Goals

For Goldenberg, she had two primary goals for her facelift: to gain more confidence and make more friends. She reports that both her daughter and granddaughter have also opted for plastic surgery (though she didn’t disclose which procedures). According to the Surrey resident, “I still feel young at heart, but my face just doesn’t match my body anymore—or my mind for that matter. I’ve been a mum, I’ve been a grandma and a great-grandma and now it’s time for me. I want to boost my confidence and feel happier when I look in the mirror and get rid of my turkey neck.”

She also noted that she’s aware of the risks, which are “bigger because of my age.” While it is true that those well into their golden years face larger surgical risks (medical or cosmetic), it also remains true that the criteria for a good surgical candidate is to be a healthy adult—and that can happen at any age. Goldenberg’s doctor anticipated the surgery to last four hours, and she says she looks forward to getting a “new lease on life” so she can “put herself out there.”

The Invisibility Factor

Another reason Goldenberg is interested in a facelift is that she noticed she is treated like she’s invisible as she grows older. This is a feeling echoed by many, and women in particular. “People talk over you and they are not interested in you anymore, it can feel terribly lonely a lot of the time.” However, plastic surgery is just one approach Goldenberg is undertaking to change her life for the better. She also stresses that there should be services for people of all ages to mix together—“rather than just playing bridge and Scrabble,” she added.

Goldenberg has lived by herself since her youngest child (42) left home. Her husband died when her children were quite young. She reports that her family and friends are supportive of her facelift decision, and that many of her friends are excited to see the results because they might like to get plastic surgery as well!

The Changing Face of Facelifts

Fortunately for Goldenberg and many others, the days of facelifts being taboo are long gone. More and more people, including many celebrities, are speaking out about the benefits of facelifts and other procedures. Goldenberg recalls a time when celebrities wouldn’t admit to such procedures, and instead, “They would swear by going to sleep with their hair pulled back to avoid wrinkles when they were secretly having surgery.”

People get plastic surgery to feel and look good—it’s pretty simple! And although Goldenberg is 80, that doesn’t mean she’s representative of the last age in which someone can opt for plastic surgery. Facelifts might be appropriate for anyone 30+ depending on numerous factors (most importantly their health).

Is a Facelift for You?

Today’s facelift techniques include “draping” the skin over repositioned facial muscles for a completely natural outcome. Incisions are easily hidden in ear crevices most of the time for a “ponytail facelift,” in which patients can sweep up their hair without worrying about scars giving away their secret. In some cases, incisions might be placed in the hairline, but well inside the scalp so that scars are still camouflaged.

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