Top Aesthetic Treatments at RefinedMD

Top Aaesthetic Treatments | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Top Aesthetic Treatments at RefinedMD

Botox and fillers and peels—with so many aesthetic treatments available, how do you choose which will give you the results you really want? At RefinedMD, every treatment plan is personalized to the client. Treatments are never “pushed” or recommended unless you would genuinely enjoy and benefit from the results. However, it’s always a good idea to consider the most popular treatments. When you know what everyone else is clamoring to have, you’ll have a foundation to base your research on.

One of the most popular treatments is a dermal infusion. It’s similar to microdermabrasion, but a little gentler on the skin. Using a medical-grade tool only available to doctors, the top layer of the skin is expertly removed to reveal the younger-looking skin below the surface. It’s a high-grade exfoliation that you can’t mimic at home. There is no downtime, but you might be a little red and tender after your treatment. It’s a good idea to schedule this one week ahead of special events and be extra vigilant with sunscreen as you heal.

For many years, Botox has been a top treatment at any clinic. Botox allows you to temporarily freeze muscles that cause lines, wrinkles, and frown marks. It usually lasts 3 – 6 months, and with regular use, Botox can train muscles that cause frowning not to be as active. The treatments work quickly and can erase years from your face. You’ll want a skilled injector for this procedure to ensure a natural, flawless finish.

Fillers are also peaking right now, especially with so many choices available. Losing volume in the face, especially the cheeks, below the eyes, and lips, is one of the first signs of aging. If you’re struggling with lost volume, thin lips, or hollows under the eyes, fillers might be a fast and non-invasive fix. Some fillers last up to two years while others dissolve in just a few months.

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Chemical peels are a tried and tested treatment that’s more aggressive than dermal infusion. By removing the top layers of the skin to varying degrees (based on your goals), you can unveil the smoother, tighter, more toned skin below the surface. Call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 and schedule your consultation today.