Treat Your Face with DIAMONDS

Treat Your Face with DIAMONDS | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Treat Your Face with DIAMONDS

If you fell in love with DermalInfusion, get ready to take your infatuation to the next level with DiamondGlow. Now available at RefinedMD, DiamondGlow is the latest generation of DermalInfusion, the game-changing three-in-one facial treatment—now with genuine diamonds. Part of the process entails microdermabrasion, a way of getting rid of the stratum corneum—also known as that dead, dull layer on the top of your skin. While there are some inherent benefits to the stratum corneum, such as protecting your skin from pollutants and the elements, there’s a much better way to go about it. That protective factor is built into DiamondGlow because the treatment ends with customized topicals from medical-grade maker SkinMedica. Let’s take a look at what DiamondGlow entails.

A gentle cleansing is the first step in order to prep the skin for microdermabrasion. Specifically, DiamondGlow uses hydrodermabrasion, which is a light but powerful approach that uses water with a diamond tip to expertly exfoliate the skin. DiamondGlow is fully adjustable, so your treatment is individualized to your skin and your goals. Once the skin is fully cleansed and exfoliated, it’s ready to fully embrace your custom topicals from SkinMedica.

It’s very important to cleanse, exfoliate, and place topicals on the skin in succession. Otherwise, none of these three steps will be as effective. Microdermabrasion or hydrodermabrasion on skin that isn’t cleansed runs the risk of actually pushing debris that’s resting on the top of the skin deeper into the pores. Putting topicals on the face without it being properly cleansed and fully exfoliated means they won’t work as well. Consider the fact that DiamondGlow exfoliates the skin and cleanses the pores—that means there are no barriers between your skin and SkinMedica products. The products can better and more easily penetrate into the skin.

DiamondGlow is for Everyone

DiamondGlow is very effective, but gentle enough for everyone. It can be used to minimize the appearance of scars, wrinkles, acne, and age spots with absolutely no downtime. It’s so gentle that you can schedule a DiamondGlow appointment the day of a special event without worrying about any recovery period. The benefits of a DiamondGlow treatment will continue to shine for days and weeks after receiving the treatment, but many clients say their best glow happens immediately after their treatment. That makes DiamondGlow an absolute must for big events.

DiamondGlow is also a fantastic routine treatment. Similar to microneedling, this treatment is meant to be regularly undertaken as a special treat. Plus, microneedling and DiamondGlow are also fantastic partners. Microneedling utilizes the creation of tiny microinjuries in the skin using a special medical-grade device, which in turn tells the body to produce more collagen and elastin at the treated site. You can use microneedling before DiamondGlow to better prep the skin for your SkinMedica products.

Why Don’t I See DiamondGlow Everywhere?

If DiamondGlow really can take skin care to the next level, why isn’t it available at every medspa? It’s simple—DiamondGlow is exclusively offered at clinics where there are medical directors on staff. Yes, it’s very gentle and the procedure is a luxury indulgence, but it still goes well beyond a typical facial. It’s critical that these types of treatments are only administered by highly trained professionals, which is why you typically only see DiamondGlow at dermatology clinics that also offer a suite of aesthetic services.

DiamondGlow is also easy to squeeze into your schedule, with treatments lasting just 30 minutes (add microneedling before DiamondGlow for a total treatment time of one hour). You can then immediately get back to your day. For those new to DiamondGlow or DermalInfusion, it’s typically recommended that you schedule a series of 3 – 4 treatments every two weeks, then shift to maintenance appointments every 2 – 3 months. However, if you just want to give DiamondGlow a try, you will definitely see results from a Diamond Glow Treatment after just one treatment and that glow will last up to six weeks.

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