Treating 3,000+ Skin Conditions

Treating 3,000+ Skin Conditions | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Treating 3,000+ Skin Conditions

Did you know there are over 3,000 skin conditions, and dermatologists treat them all? RefinedMD is proud to offer advanced screenings, treatment options, and one of the largest collections of lasers and light technologies in the area. Your dermatologist is in charge of taking care of the biggest organ on your body: your skin. While there are thousands of conditions, just a few are extremely common. Some, like acne, affect just about every person at some point in their life.

Top Treated Skin Conditions

Acne is sometimes brushed aside because it’s so common. It might be called a rite of passage for teenagers, but the reality is that many adults have acne. There are many things that can exacerbate acne breakouts, including stress and hormone fluctuations (which is why so many teens struggle with it). There are also various types of acne, including the painful cystic acne that can leave lifelong scars. Acne treatments are two-fold: first, the right treatment for your type of acne must be found. This starts with a correct diagnosis. Next, treatment for any lingering signs of acne (from scarring to brown spots) can be achieved through a variety of treatments like chemical peels or laser skin rejuvenation.

Rosacea is another common dermatological issue. There is no cure for rosacea, but identifying your triggers and treating the symptoms is possible. Your dermatologist will work with you to figure out what causes your rosacea flare-ups and create a plan to avoid those triggers. Sunlight is a big one, so starting a medical-grade sunscreen regimen and learning to love wide-brimmed hats are both great options.

Eczema is an issue, like rosacea, which has no cure but can be managed. It often presents as scaly, itchy skin but the good news is these patches can be kept in control and regularly treated with dermatological care. Every treatment plan is customized for the patient, so the first step is scheduling a consultation.

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Unfortunately, another common skin condition is skin cancer. It’s the most common cancer in the US. However, it’s easy and fast to treat when caught early. The best way to catch skin cancer is with an annual skin exam. Schedule yours today, or make an appointment for any skin condition, by calling RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082.