Treating Acne and More in San Jose

Treating Acne and More in San Jose | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Treating Acne and More in San Jose

Acne, rosacea, melasma, and sun damage are all top concerns treated by Dr. Yeh at RefinedMD. However, acne remains the most common complaint of patients on a global scale. It can affect people of any age or ethnicity, though it tends to plague some (such as teenagers) more than others. It’s estimated that anywhere between 35 – 90 percent of adolescents struggle with acne, and unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily end at high school graduation.

Adult acne can be even more stubborn than acne as a teen, and women tend to struggle more than men (due to hormone fluctuations). However, as teens, males have more acne problems than females. Acne can manifest in different ways in different patients, so it’s no surprise a lot of people have been fighting the acne battle for years. Some people always have acne, whereas others have short but intense breakouts.

The Cause of Acne

Producing a lot of sebum (oil) is a big part of acne exacerbation. There’s also abnormal skin shedding and an excess of a certain type of anaerobic diphtheroid that can cause inflammation and acne breakouts. In a recent survey, 64 skin specialists were quizzed about what they’ve noticed in acne trends and what really works. By far, most dermatologists found that oily skin was the number-one marker of a person being predisposed to acne.

The survey by eMediHealth was conducted over two months in 2019. Although oily skin was the leading marker of acne breakouts, it was actually a hormone imbalance that was the top trigger for acne. This was followed by high stress levels, sugary foods, and dairy products. Certain cosmetic products also made the list, which is a reminder of why it’s so important to work with a dermatologist to determine the right skin care regimen for you.

Other Skin Concerns

The respondents were also asked about acne scarring, and most were quick to point out that acne doesn’t always cause scarring. However, scarring can occur depending on the type of acne and its severity. The acne treatment can also play a role in acne scarring, and it’s important to quickly and effectively treat acne breakouts in order to reduce the risk of scarring.

Respondents stressed that excessive skin cleaning and trying to self-treat acne without medical help were the two biggest mistakes anyone can make. The survey also revealed the best lifestyle changes to make to reduce acne breakouts, and leading the list was removing makeup before going to bed. This is followed by a proper skin care routine approved by a dermatologist, a balanced diet, and stress management.

Other Skin Concerns in San Jose

Acne might be the most common skin struggle in San Jose, but there are plenty more. Rosacea, sun damage, and melasma are all common complaints that Dr. Yeh treats. Rosacea has no cure, but it certainly can be managed. It presents as excessive redness or a severe blush, and while it’s not dangerous it can be embarrassing. Nobody is sure what exactly causes rosacea, but it is known that it can be triggered. Working with a dermatologist to pinpoint your unique triggers is the first step. The right skin care regimen and in-office treatments, such as a customized facial, can help minimize its appearance.

Melasma is a type of stubborn hyperpigmentation that can appear as nearly any color, including gray. It’s especially common in pregnant women due to hormonal shifts. Melasma can linger, but usually does go away on its own. It can also be reduced with in-office treatments including laser and light therapy. Like rosacea, melasma isn’t dangerous, but considering that it usually appears on the face it can certainly be a knock to your self-esteem.

Finally, there’s sun damage. Everyone has some type of sun damage, whether it’s hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, or excessive freckles. There are various treatments for sun damage including HALO therapy or BBL, chemical peels, microneedling, and more. Your exact treatment plan will depend on the type of sun damage, its placement, and the severity.

Find out more about treatments for acne, melasma, rosacea, sun damage, and more when you schedule a complimentary consultation. Start working with Dr. Lindsey Yeh today for more beautiful, clearer skin. Call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 and take the first step in your clear-skin journey.