These Treatments are Good as “Gold!”

These Treatments are Good as Gold | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

These Treatments are Good as “Gold!”

You’ve tried it all, from classics like facials to questionable “hacks” found on YouTube—or have you? RefinedMD is committed to providing clients with genuinely cutting-edge treatments that actually work. We’re talking about evidence-based products and treatments backed by clinical studies and multiple doctor reviews. If you really want to take your skincare to the next level, it’s time to get to know AquaGold and DefenAge.

High-Quality Products for Your Skin

AquaGold is a personalized system that combines products based on your unique skin and goals. It’s a treatment that will improve skin texture, reduce pore size and hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenate the skin to an unprecedented level. While every AquaGold treatment is 100% customized, some of the most popular ingredients include Botox, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid (the common ingredient in dermal fillers). As you can see, these aren’t the types of ingredients you’re used to seeing in any commercial lotion or serum. These are serious ingredients—some of which you know and love (Botox, anyone?)—that yield fast and real results.

AquaGold is brand new to the cosmetic world, so it’s no surprise that RefinedMD is one of the first places you’ll find it. One of the most exciting ingredients commonly used in AquaGold, which are derived from activated skin cells and in charge of “cell to cell” communication. Of course, the body’s way of repairing tissue means radiant and youthful-looking skin. Every AquaGold treatment is delivered in a “chamber,” and all chambers are one-use only. The chambers feature a number of needles that perfectly inject your personalized “cocktail” to the optimal skin depths. However, don’t let the word needles scare you. Topical anesthesia is applied first so that the needle “stamp” only feels like pressure. No pain, all gain is how AquaGold works. With no downtime and no open wounds, you can immediately get back to your daily activities confident that AquaGold is hard at work restoring and beautifying your skin.

AquaGold is the Offense: Here’s the Defense – DefenAge

If you really want to battle the signs of aging, you need flawless offense and defense. DefenAge is the other hot treatment at RefinedMD, and scientific research shows that this treatment makes your skin look younger day after day. It uses a unique peptide—called defensin—that reprograms the skin to look and act younger. DefenAge has gone through numerous rigorous clinical trials, and repeatedly comes out on top. Even better, DefenAge doesn’t use additional factors, which means that it can be combined with virtually any skin care routine, including AquaGold.

According to one DefenAge study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 2018, the treatment works phenomenally well on a global scale to “improve the visual appearance of aging skin.” In fact, researchers found that it “offers most of the advantages of time-honored retinols” but without inflammation, irritation, or skin sensitivity that you may have experienced with retinol treatments in the past.

DefenAge features a multi-treatment approach with a variety of products designed to help your skin look its absolute best. This includes the 2-Minute Reversal Mask, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, 8-in-1 Bioserum, cleansers, and eye creams, as well as multi-packs and travel-packs. Consulting with your RefinedMD dermatology expert will determine the perfect approach for you, and remember that DefenAge is a fantastic complement to a regular AquaGold treatment.

When it comes to making sure you have access to the latest technology, treatments, and products, you can always count on our clinic. We are constantly keeping an eye on the most recent studies and product releases, and only offer the best for our clients. AquaGold and DefenAge are the latest additions to our suite of products and treatments, and we can’t wait to introduce you to these truly life-changing options.

At Home Care for Your Skin – Call RefinedMD

As the holidays draw closer, we know that you deserve to look your best. Winter months can wreak havoc on the skin (even when you’re in comparatively milder climates). There’s only so much that over the counter treatments can do, and everyone reaches a point where they want something better, stronger, and with guaranteed results. That’s where these products and treatments come into play, and the results are fast enough to prep you for even that holiday party that was added to your calendar last-minute. To schedule your consultation or appointment, called RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082.