Exploring the Trifecta of Light and Laser Therapy with Halo, BBL, and IPL

Exploring the Trifecta of Light and Laser Therapy with Halo, BBL, and IPL

Exploring the Trifecta of Light and Laser Therapy with Halo, BBL, and IPL

Halo, BBL, and IPL are the trinity of most popular light and laser therapies for skin rejuvenation, but how can you figure out which one is best for you? There’s no single solution for all skin types and goals, which is why RefinedMD offers all three treatments. Consultations are always complimentary so you can work with a provider to determine the best fit for your skin. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each of these treatments to get an idea of which one might be best for you—but keep in mind nothing compares to a no-pressure, in-person consultation.

Halo is a breakthrough treatment that combines two different types of lasers into one single treatment. This means maximum results with minimal downtime compared to lasers of the past that often required days or even weeks of recovery. Halo is the very first fractional laser that utilizes ablative and non-ablative technology—don’t worry if you don’t know what that is yet. Ablative lasers are kind of like aerating a lawn and they create little pathways in the skin so that the area surrounding the pathways are untouched. Non-ablative lasers create tiny thermal injuries in the skin which encourages the body to produce more collagen and elastin (which is our built-in fountain of youth).

Getting both ablative and non-ablative treatments together is better than either one alone, and it also helps with recovery. The old CO2 lasers and Fraxel lasers caused serious damage to the skin and are the source of much trepidation when it comes to some clients considering laser treatment. Halo requires minimal healing time and can work wonders when it comes to reducing sun damage and other types of hyperpigmentation, pore size, and even improves skin tone and texture. Halo is appropriate for virtually all skin tones, but if you have more melanin, you’ll need some extra skin-prep. Halo resurfaces 25 – 30 percent of the skin treated on average without increasing recovery time, which is quite aggressive compared to some other lasers on the market.

Is BBL Your MVP?

Broadband light, or BBL, is the second iteration of intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment and uses light therapy to reduce visible skin damage and help you look years younger. It’s also known as a photo facial and uses innovative technology to create skin that’s firmer with better texture and tone—all with minimal downtime. BBL uses light energy to heat the top layers of the skin gently, and then the heat is absorbed by the target areas (such as brown spots) to encourage collagen growth and stimulate the skin cells. The BBL process helps to rejuvenate skin.

BBL is especially effective at treating fine vessels that can cause facial redness thanks to its photothermal energy. If redness or visible red vessels are your biggest issue, you might opt for BBL instead of Halo (or you can certainly use them in combination with one another). The BBL technology is kitted out with cooling features to further increase comfort during treatment. The face, chest, and back of the hands can all be treated with BBL, and the treatment is so gentle that most clients require no numbing cream.

What About IPL?

If BBL is the second generation of IPL, why is IPL still available? Some clients simply prefer the original IPL they fell in love with, and RefinedMD aims to give you exactly what you want and deserve. Today, IPL is primarily used for patients who prefer light therapy and want to treat sun spots, age spots, and reduce pore size. A variety of light waves are used to target the melanin and hemoglobin in the skin while simultaneously stimulating collagen production which can help reduce acne scarring and fine lines.

Halo, BBL, and IPL all have their unique benefits. For example, studies have shown that only BBL has the capacity to actually turn back the clock on our skin cells so that our skin actually is younger (it doesn’t just look younger). All three of these treatments feature a low recovery period and minimal damage to the skin. However, the right one for you will depend on numerous unique factors that can be further discussed during your complimentary consultation. If you’d like to learn more about Halo, BBL, and IPL, call RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082 and take the first step towards younger looking (and acting!) skin.