The Many Types of Brow Lifts

The Many Types of Brow Lifts | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

The Many Types of Brow Lifts

Brow lifts come in a few varieties, and at RefinedMD, board certified facial surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy works with you to determine your goals and which procedure is right for you. However, the first step is to ensure a brow lift is actually the procedure you want—in some cases, patients are actually looking for the results of an eyelid lift or an eyelid lift in combination with a brow lift. During your complimentary consultation with Dr. Roy, you’ll learn more about all of the options available and which treatment(s) will yield the exact, natural-looking results you want.

Many times, a brow lift is the procedure used to achieve a more youthful look. Our face is the first place to show signs of aging because it’s thin, delicate, highly mobile, and exposed to harmful UV rays on a daily basis. One of the first places we start to show signs of age is around the eye and brow area. Not only is the skin in this area prone to sagging and wrinkling, but the muscles underneath can weaken while unwanted fatty deposits can develop. That’s a three-part punch that can make you look older and more tired than you are.

A brow lift can instantly restore youthfulness, and uses incisions that are easily hidden. Let’s consider the most common types of brow lifts so you can get a preview of what might work best for you.

Temporal Brow Lift in San Jose

A temporal brow lift is popular because it involves little incisions hidden in the temple area of the forehead. Thanks to the smaller incisions, it’s simply less invasive compared to some other types of brow lifts. A temporal brow lift elevates the outer half of the brow area without addressing the brow area close to the nose. As you can see, a temporal brow lift is best suited for patients who exclusively struggle with drooping and sagging in the temple area and outer brow area (which is very common). Every effort is made to hide the incisions in the scalp area, but bear in mind that hair thinning and baldness may reveal these incisions—but don’t worry. They’re still so tiny that, when performed by an expert facial surgeon, they won’t be noticeable.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is more aggressive than a temporal brow lift and works by elevating the brow without removing a lot of skin. Tiny incisions are made along the hairline (from ear to ear) and then the forehead skin is repositioned into a more elevated position. An endoscope and other special instruments are used for this procedure, thus its name. An endoscopic brow lift is a popular option among patients in their thirties who are struggling with slight brow ptosis (drooping). Both the temporal brow lift and endoscopic brow lift offer temporary results that last a few years. They are minimally invasive with a quick recovery period, but keep in mind that you’ll likely need additional surgeries in the future to maintain results.

Coronal Brow Lift

The coronal brow lift is by far the most aggressive and can yield more lasting results. With this procedure, a long incision is made along the crown of the head from ear to ear. This is followed by skin removal from the scalp area that lifts the hairline, forehead, and brows. One of the perks of the coronal lift is that the incisions are very well hidden inside the hair-bearing part of the scalp (although those prone to thinning hair and baldness do need to keep the incision placement in mind). A coronal brow lift lasts the longest, but patients should consider whether the long scar and raised hairline are things they can live with.

A trichophytic (or hairline) brow lift is a type of coronal brow lift. The method is nearly the same, except the incision is wavy to better hide the scar. It has the added benefit of not raising the hairline thanks to the waved incision. Is a brow lift right for you? The first step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Roy. Call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 to schedule your consultation today.