Voluma for Better Cheeks and Jawlines

Voluma for Better Cheeks and Jawlines | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Voluma for Better Cheeks and Jawlines

Sharpening cheeks or a jawline can make a person’s face look slimmer, sleeker, and stronger—Voluma is a type of filler designed to do just that. RefinedMD offers only the best products, including Voluma. It’s injected deep below the skin to contour and lift cheeks or strengthen the jawline. Made with hyaluronic acid gel, Voluma can restore the volume that is lost from aging.

Made by Allergan, the same company behind Botox and Juvederm (also available at RefinedMD), Voluma is a game-changing product. It is also one of the longest-lasting fillers on the market, capable of lasting up to two years. Other fillers last less than one year. No other hyaluronic acid-based filler has been approved by the FDA for the cheekbones/jawline.

Voluma Injectables are Popular At RefinedMD

Voluma is created with lidocaine built into the gel. Lidocaine is one of the strongest and safest numbing products on the market. This makes the injection process pain-free and fast. Most patients only feel a small amount of pressure with the injection. Topical numbing agents for highly sensitive clients may be applied.

The most similar product to Voluma is Juvederm. However, Voluma is injected deeper into the skin, which is how it is capable of lifting the cheeks and smoothing the jaw area. Juvederm is recommended for other areas of the face and is often used as a “test” product for those who are uncertain if they want two or more years of fillers.

Similar to other fillers, the side effects of Voluma are mild and minimal. Some bruising and swelling may occur. The area might be sore to touch for a few days. However, any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter medication.

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You will see the results of Voluma immediately (though you may need to wait a few days for any swelling to subside to enjoy the full effects). Discover more by calling RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 and scheduling a consultation.