Welcome Summer with a Facial

Welcome Summer with a Facial | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Welcome Summer with a Facial

Summer has arrived, but is your summer skin a little, well, wanting? RefinedMD has the in-office facial treatments you need to get that dewy glow, remove impurities, and be beach-ready in no time. Nothing compares to an in-office, professional facial using ingredients that are only available to medical professionals. We customize facials to suit your needs and goals, so no two experiences are ever the same. Our skin tends to be a little cranky when seasons change, and summer skin might present as oily, acne-prone, with enlarged pores, or bombard us with a myriad of other common complaints. However, topical treatments and expert-grade facials give you the ability to achieve the skin you deserve.

Our RefinedMD Signature Facial is our most requested for a reason. Just $250 this month, it begins with a 20-minute consultation before your luxe 30-minute facial hand-designed just for you. This facial features medical-grade skin care products that are only available from professionals. These topicals are the only ones that can legally carry the best ingredients in the highest concentrations. It is often compared to a European facial. This treatment begins with a deep cleaning followed by pore extractions if needed. Next, skin is drenched in medical-grade topicals. Both men and women with any skin type love this facial because it is the perfect blend of cosmetic and dermatological treatment. Get skin that is healthy, smooth, and soft in less than one hour. Now THAT’S how you say hello to summer.

More Facial Options

What we call a “men’s facial” can really be for anyone. This facial goes beyond the Signature for a super deep cleaning with extractions, coupled with acupressure massage. It’s the facial for those who take their treatments seriously and want to be more aggressive with their procedure (of course, there is still no downtime required). The exact length and approach of this facial is totally customizable, though most treatments last 45 minutes at $150 this month. If you want to undo winter “gunk” and get that summer glow going ASAP, the men’s facial might be for you.

The men’s facial is also ideal for those who are ready to undo years of damage. It’s not uncommon to neglect our skin (even though it’s the biggest organ we have). Much damage, including sun damage, is cumulative and the signs we see took years to appear. Using medical-grade skin care products, the men’s facial is the ultimate tool to get your skin on the right track just in time for summer days.

Top Facial Picks

Everybody loves the anti-aging facial because it can fit into even the busiest of schedules. In just 15 minutes, you can enjoy a chemical exfoliation paired with a mask and facial massage. You can use this as your standalone anti-aging treatment, or as the perfect complement to other treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox. This is the renowned lymphatic drainage facial for serious detoxification that erases signs of aging from the inside out.

The anti-aging facial is designed for more mature skin, but can really be used for adult clients of any age. In fact, it’s a favorite pre-juvenation treatment. If you want to minimize puffy eyes, bring back a glow to dull skin, and lighten lines and wrinkles, the anti-aging facial might be for you—or maybe the Luxury Treatment is more your speed.

This treatment is 90 minutes of sheer bliss. Enjoy a “double cleanse” treatment with an exfoliating facial massage to follow. There are zero harsh chemicals here, making it perfect for pampering. Plus, you can add on the Relaxing Aromatherapy Facial or use it as a great in-between if you’re committed to a DiamondGlow regimen.

Schedule Your Facial

Facials are fantastic for a little self-love, and you can also gift them to someone special or book multiple appointments for date night or a soothing get-together. Facials pack a powerful punch but are gentle enough to use alongside virtually every other treatment and service provided at RefinedMD. They can also be a fantastic way to treat skin post-cosmetic surgery. If you’re ready to enjoy your most beautiful skin yet, book your facial appointment at RefinedMD today. Simply call the office today or complete the online form.