What Millennials Are Saying about Jeuveau

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What Millennials Are Saying about Jeuveau

Everyone is buzzing about Jeuveau, some of them calling it the best thing since Botox. It’s the latest addition to the RefinedMD suite of treatments, and for those in their 20s and 30s, Jeuveau is a Botox alternative that’s in high demand. It’s only been available in the US since May, and our clinic is offering a Facebook Live demo on July 9 followed by an exclusive Jeuveau Launch Party on July 12 (RSVP to save your spot!).

Even though Jeuveau is trending amongst Millennials and younger clients, it is a luxury neurotoxin for almost anyone. It was created by a company based in Newport Beach exclusively for aesthetic use and especially for those glabellar lines between your eyebrows. This is one of the first places wrinkles appear, and one of the first areas clients request neurotoxin injections.

Those “angry elevens” as they’re often called are caused by squinting, concentrating, frowning, and even laughing. It’s easy to overuse the muscles that cause these lines, which is exactly why premature wrinkles form here. Millennials are falling in love with Jeuveau at a fast clip, and no matter what generation you’re part of, there are a few reasons you may want to give Jeuveau a try.

For starters, a lot of clients say that Jeuveau is the longest-lasting neurotoxin they’ve ever tried. You’re busy, and nobody has time for too-frequent injections just to keep their wrinkles at bay. With Jeuveau, fans say that they can go longer between injections and ultimately save time and money.

Another perk of Jeuveau? It’s exceptionally strong, uses the same foundational ingredients as Botox, and is manufactured in a cutting-edge facility. That means you get the power and results you’re used to, but get to enjoy them a little bit longer.

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Finally, in July you have opportunities to score a special price on your Jeuveau injections. Check out the RefinedMD specials page to find out how to save big on Jeuveau, other neurotoxins, and five other types of treatments. Call (408) 688-2082 to reserve your spot for the launch party today, or schedule a personal consultation for Jeuveau at RefinedMD.