What to Expect in the 2 Weeks After an Eyelid Lift

What to Expect in the 2 Weeks After an Eyelid Lift | RefinedMD

What to Expect in the 2 Weeks After an Eyelid Lift

“How soon will I look normal?” It’s one of the first questions Dr. Sudeep Roy gets asked by those interested in an eyelid lift. This makes sense—the eyes are the windows to the soul and naturally where people look during a conversation. The answer is, “A lot sooner than you think! But stick to your individual recovery timeline.” In the vast majority of cases, most people who get an eyelid lift feel comfortable getting back to daily tasks from sedentary jobs to coffee runs about 10 – 14 days after their surgery.

There are two kinds of eyelid lifts, a surgery also known as blepharoplasty, and they are often performed together. An upper eyelid lift and lower eyelid lift address very different signs of aging, though. Upper eyelid lifts are used to correct ptosis, or a sagging eyelid. This is performed by removing a small amount of excess skin and the incision is hidden in the crease of the eyelid. The result can dramatically turn back the clock, helping you look younger and better rested. If you notice that your eyelids are drooping, uneven, and if your crow’s feet are getting severe, an upper eyelid lift might be for you.

The “Lift” You Need

Upper eyelid lifts are typically more common because that’s where we first notice signs of aging. Well before you might be a good candidate for a facelift, you’re probably going to be better suited to an eyelid lift (though eyelid lifts and facelifts complement one another very well). In fact, some people see eyelid sagging and even drastic crow’s feet as early as their twenties. There are numerous factors that contribute to this including genetics, sun damage, and trauma (such as rubbing your eyes vigorously). In most cases, laxity in this area occurs from skin that has lost collagen, but in some cases a worn-out levator muscles(which raises and lowers the eyelid) may be a factor. Regardless, an upper eyelid lift can help.

A lower eyelid lift is designed to improve lines, wrinkles, bags, and in some cases dark circles from the lower eyelid area (depending on the cause of the circles). For this surgery, an incision is made along the lower lashline. In some cases, these lashes may fall out post-surgery, but it’s temporary and they will grow back. This is the recommended surgery if you have skin laxity in this area. However, for patients who have fat pockets without severe laxity, you may just need to have these pockets removed. This will call for an incision inside the eyelid, which is completely hidden.

The First Week of Healing

You can expect to be bruised and swollen in the eye area after surgery, with the most intense bruising happening in the first week. The eye area is a very vascular region, which means it bruises easily but also heals quickly. Most patients try to avoid going out in public or taking video calls during this week, but if going out is necessary then sunglasses can cover the healing process. In many cases, those who get a lower eyelid lift may also have sutures extending from the lower lids to the brows in order to encourage quicker, proper healing. This is not painful, but it can be annoying and certainly look unusual. The most important thing you can do is rest during the first week, including resting your eyes—so these sutures can help to discourage doing too much. They are removed in-office within one week of surgery.

Beginning in the second week, you will start to see swelling go down and some bruising subside. By the end of the second week, there will probably be some residual bruising and perhaps light swelling, but not intensely enough to keep most people at home. Makeup or tinted sunscreen is often enough at this point to give you the confidence to get back to much of your normal life. However, working out and other intense activities should be put on hold a little longer—Dr. Roy will tell you your timeline to return to those activities.

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