Why Moisturize?

Why Moisturize? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Why Moisturize?

You know you should moisturize, but have you ever wondered why? At RefinedMD, moisturizing is an essential component of a healthy skin regimen. There’s a lot more to it than making skin look and feel better in the moment, although that’s an important aspect of moisturizing. For starters, it minimizes the odds of a skin issue. Moisturizing helps skin maintain balance. Many times, our skin can be too dry or oily (often depending on the season). From acne to painfully dry skin, moisturizing might be the key to keeping skin problems in check. Only a dermatologist can recommend the right lotion or cream for your skin type and goals.

Moisturizing is also a critical part of reducing the look of blemishes. A hallmark of healthy skin is a nice sheen. This glow can override any blemishes, especially if they have a tint to them. Easily cover up bruises, broken blood vessels, and other skin marks without resorting to makeup. Moisturizers are much easier to apply and help with skin health, too.

One of the most important benefits of moisturizers is that it helps skin stay young. The thinnest parts of the skin, like the face and neck, rejuvenate quicker than other areas. However, when you lose skin cells at a high rate every day, you’re at risk of sun damage and dryness. Moisturizing can help in the daily repair process. Simultaneously, it can help with wrinkles. Young skin is firm, plump—and moist. People with moist skin simply age slower according to the British Journal of Dermatology.

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If you’re struggling with adding moisturizing to your daily regimen, try it as a cap to a hot shower. That’s likely how you invigorate yourself in the morning or de-stress in the evening already. Adding this finishing touch can be a fast and natural addition. Just make sure you choose a moisturizer with SPF, or add a sunscreen if you shower in the morning. Schedule an appointment with RefinedMD to discover the best moisturizers for your unique skin.