Why Summer is Actually a Good Time for a Derm Appointment

Summer is Actually a Good Time for a Derm Appt | RefinedMD

Why Summer is Actually a Good Time for a Derm Appointment

It’s often recommended that you book your annual dermatology appointment either before or after the summer months—but summer can also be a great time to tick this item off your to-do list. At RefinedMD, we understand that there’s a lot of overlap between medical and cosmetic dermatology, which is why we are a holistic clinic with a comprehensive approach. Things like acne, brown spots, and melasma can have both medical and aesthetic concerns. Spring and autumn are often recommended as the “best” seasons for dermatology appointments because you can either prevent sun damage before the UV rays hit hard in the summer or correct such damage in the autumn. But summer dermatology appointments also have their perks.

For those who are treating strictly medical conditions, there’s a good chance that you’ve met your deductible or out-of-pocket expenses by summer. However, on an aesthetic note, a June appointment is just in time to improve your skin care routine before summer vacations. At home, you can check the expiration dates of your existing sunscreens and SPF-infused makeup. Expired products typically don’t work as well and your skin might have new, different needs this year anyway.

The Importance of At-Home Care

Using medical-grade products is the best way to amplify and sustain results from in-office visits. During your dermatology appointment, your provider will go over the current state of your skin, existing regimen, and concerns. One of the most common complaints is acne, and contrary to popular belief it isn’t a condition you outgrow. It can be triggered by hormonal shifts, which is why it is so common in teens. However, pregnancy, menopause, and “male menopause” can also be big triggers. There are different kinds of acne, ranging from common whiteheads to painful, scar-inducing cystic acne.

It is rare that you’ll be able to treat more severe acne with OTC topicals. During your appointment, your provider will go over options that may include prescription medications/topicals as well as in-office treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation or chemical peels. Such treatments can also help minimize or erase acne scarring or hyperpigmentation, which can occur even after a mild outbreak. There are various types of hyperpigmentation (unwanted darkening of the skin), each of which has a medical/dermatological term and can be treated in our clinic.

Hyperpigmentation Erased

In addition to acne scarring, some of the other common types of hyperpigmentation include sun damage (brown spots), moles, freckles, and melasma. Melasma is the most stubborn type of hyperpigmentation and can be virtually any color, but is usually brown or grey. It is called the “mask of pregnancy” because pregnancy is one of the most common triggers. It can be tough to address but the good news is that it eventually goes away on its own. However, in-office treatments can help.

Lasers, peels, and facials can help with all types of unwanted brown spots. They can erase years of sun damage. BBL, or broadband light therapy, is very efficient and a fun way to get rid of brown spots—a few days after the treatment, spots get darker then slough away like coffee grounds. However, you also want to prevent future brown spots and that’s going to require a medical-grade sunscreen.

Care for the Skin You’re In

It’s never a “bad” time to book a dermatology appointment. Your skin is the biggest organ you have and one of the few that is exposed to the elements. From sun damage to trauma and stress, it puts up with a lot and could use some TLC. There are over 3,000 unique kinds of skin conditions, so it’s guaranteed that you’re facing at least a few. Why struggle with skin that is lackluster when you have the tools, procedures, treatments, and products at your fingertips? Let’s work together to create a skin care plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

At the bare minimum, everyone should get an annual “mole check.” Skin cancer is common, but is quick and easy to treat when caught early. From medical to aesthetic concerns, we have you covered. Contact RefinedMD today to book your derm appointment by calling the office or completing the online contact form.