Why Upper Eyelid Surgery Might Be Your First Facial Plastic Surgery

Why Upper Eyelid Surgery Might Be Your First Facial Plastic Surgery

Why Upper Eyelid Surgery Might Be Your First Facial Plastic Surgery

Ask most people what their first facial plastic surgery might be, and you’ll often hear “facelift.” However, upper eyelid surgery—otherwise known as upper blepharoplasty—is actually the first facial surgery that benefits most people! At RefinedMD, double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy works with clients to help them achieve their goals of looking younger, happier, and healthier. The eyes have it because that’s where the first signs of aging appear. Even teenagers might notice the first few signs of lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which makes upper eyelid surgery in San Jose the foray into plastic surgery for many.

Why does the skin around the eyes age so fast? It’s pretty simple. Aged skin is often lax and laden with lines and wrinkles. The area around the eyes is especially susceptible to these aging signs because it is so thin, moves all the time, and most people aren’t very good at applying sunscreen so close to the eyes (that should be a summer goal for everyone to work on!). It’s rare for the skin around the eyes not to move, whether we’re awake or sleeping. However, the skin addressed during a San Jose upper eyelid lift is even more mobile and delicate compared to the skin targeted in a lower eyelid lift. Let’s take a look at the difference in these two surgeries and why the upper eyelid lift is still the most common for all patients.

Upper Eyelid Lift, Lower Eyelid Lift, or Both?

Dr. Roy performs both upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty procedures, often at the same time. However, upper blepharoplasty is still a little more common. Sometimes patients don’t realize that these are two very different procedures that correct completely different concerns. An upper eyelid lift can dramatically improve lines and wrinkles at the outer corner of the eye and also fixes sagging of the eyelids.

Sagging is a common sign of aging, and it often happens earlier in the upper eyelids compared to the lower eyelids. An upper eyelid lift trims away excess skin with incisions placed in the natural crease of the upper eyelid. This makes it nearly invisible to the naked eye.

However, sagging also occurs right below the eyelid. This does not happen as quickly in most patients, but as we get older you might notice a crepe-like appearance in the lower eyelid area. A natural loss of good fat in this region exacerbates the issue. If you have bags under the eyes, dark circles, and lines and wrinkles (especially while smiling) you might be a good candidate for a lower blepharoplasty. Liposuction might be combined with a lower blepharoplasty and/or dermal fillers for the best results.

Is a San Jose Upper Bleph for You?

Maybe! Every person is different and shows signs of aging at different stages. Although most upper blepharoplasty patients are 40+, younger and younger people are interested in the surgery because the results are dramatic and yet natural—and the recovery time is so quick! Some swelling and bruising may present right after surgery but largely dissipates in 1 – 2 weeks. A lot of patients feel confident going about most of their daily routines just 5 – 6 days after their surgery, including running errands and attending meetings.

If you’re interested in both an upper and lower bleph in San Jose, combining these surgeries means a slightly longer recovery period but it’s still preferable than undergoing two separate surgeries for most people. You will look refreshed, have symmetry restored to the eye area, and will finally stop getting told, “You look so tired!” The eyes are where we naturally look when talking to people and you deserve for your eyes to reflect your true self.

The first step is a consultation to see if you’re a good fit for blepharoplasty in San Jose. A consultation is your chance to determine your goals, establish what the outcome will be, and get all of your questions answered. Ready to get your confidence restored? Contact Dr. Roy at RefinedMD today by completing the online form or calling the office.