Why We Love Extractions

Why We Love Extractions | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Why We Love Extractions

Extractions often fall into the “facial” category, but they’re not exactly a facial. They are exactly what they sound like: professional “extraction” of the gunk and debris from your pores so that your skin looks smoother and your pores appear smaller. It’s a favorite add-on at RefinedMD, but plenty of clients also love to schedule monthly extractions as standalone services. You’ll find countless so-called extraction tools on the market, but nothing compares to getting it done professionally. It’s safer, faster, and the results are better.

Obviously, there are benefits to getting extractions, especially prior to a treatment like a facial. However, there is also something intensely satisfying about this experience—both for the client and the extractor. Being able to visibly see all of the gunk that’s been stuck in your pores and the impressive before and after comparison is, in a word, thrilling. As humans, we have an interesting obsession with cleanliness and getting a visual reward for pampering ourselves. However, when we try to extract at home, either through picking or squeezing, we run the risk of damaging the skin and potentially opening ourselves up to an infection. Extractions in a clinical setting are totally safe and you’ll get an outcome you simply can’t get with a DIY approach.

The DiamondGlow Difference

Extractions have been part of aesthetic services for years. The introduction of DiamondGlow made it part of a luxe process in which you get three services in one: exfoliation, extraction, and infusion. Using a genuine crushed diamond tip, your provider glides the mechanism over your skin to simultaneously exfoliate the skin and extract debris from the pores. This process ends by bathing your skin in medical-grade topicals chosen just for you. It’s one of the few methods to quickly and mechanically extract the pores, and it does so with a serious touch of luxury.

DiamondGlow can also be performed once per month or on an as-needed basis. It takes just 30 minutes and there’s no downtime necessary. It’s a celebrity favorite and can be scheduled the day of a big event for maximum glow. DiamondGlow lives up to its name, helping make skin baby soft and smooth for days. Routine exfoliation and extraction, preferably in an office setting, can help keep skin clean and healthy. However, applying the right medical-grade products is also a must and that can be tricky. Our skin is an organ so it’s always changing. Plus, with stress or seasonal changes, it might need something different. DiamondGlow lets you experience and try out new-to-you medical-grade products before committing to an entire bottle.

Peeling Great

Chemical peels are another solution for helping with pore blockage. Aptly named, they are comprised of a variety of chemicals that peel away the top layer or layers of skin. Available in mild or medium-depth, they can address numerous skin issues at once including fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and skin dullness. However, they also make skin hyper-sensitive to sunlight, so might be best as a winter treatment. This time of year, facials, DiamondGlow, and extractions are the go-to options for skin that is brighter, tighter, and more beautiful.

Everyone’s skin is different, which is why we provide a rich variety of treatments. Facials, peels, DiamondGlow, and extractions work for men and women of all ages and with all skin types and tones. There are some contraindications; for example, those with open wounds may be better suited to a facial rather than DiamondGlow (since the latter is a dry exfoliation that is a littler more intense). A consultation can help determine which treatment (or treatments) is right for you, or you can simply schedule an appointment and we can go over options at that time.

Treating yourself to in-office procedures and treatments is an important part of a healthy skin care routine. It’s a must to make your at-home regimen work as best as possible. This time of year, skin tends to get drier or oilier depending on your skin type. Facials can help balance the skin while extractions can remove any excess blockage caused by more sweating and sunscreen usage. To figure out which aesthetic treatment is right for you this summer, connect with RefinedMD today. Call us during business hours or, for the fastest response, fill out the online contact form right now.