Winter is the Perfect Time to Improve Your Skin Care Regimen

Winter is the Perfect Time to Improve Your Skin Care | RefinedMD

Winter is the Perfect Time to Improve Your Skin Care Regimen

Everyone has unique skin, which means we all have one of a kind skin concerns and issues. However, our environment also plays a role in our skin health, which is why Refined MD recommends reassessing your skin as we change seasons. Cooler months often lead to skin dryness, so if you’ve noticed that your skin is soaking up your moisturizer more than usual then it might be time for an upgrade. And what if you don’t use moisturizer? Know that all skin types—including oily skin—can benefit from the right moisturizer.

There’s a big difference between the skin care products you can find in stores and those available from your dermatologist. Medical-grade skin care products from manufacturers like Sente, DefenAge, Alastin, and many others feature more concentrated, higher quality ingredients so that you truly get what you pay for. Moisturizing your skin should be a staple of your regimen year-round, but in winter months you may benefit from changing the product to a dermatologist-recommended option.

UV Damage in Winter

Some people are surprised to find out that UV damage is actually a top skin issue in the winter months. You might not burn or tan as often in the winter as you do in the summer, but that doesn’t mean UV damage isn’t happening. Your skin is exposed to these dangerous, cancer-causing rays any time it comes into contact with the sun. This even includes on cloudy days, so make sure you don’t start skipping daily sunscreen just because it’s not as bright outside.

Of course, winter sports also make you even more prone to UV damage. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and anything else that takes you outdoors in the next few months provides ample time for your skin to experience UV damage. Typically, this type of damage isn’t immediate like a sunburn (though it could be!). Instead, this UV damage will appear years later as hyperpigmentation, premature lines and wrinkles, and sometimes even skin cancer.

Don’t be a Flake

Flaky skin is another top winter skin issue. It’s often related to dry skin and can appear when the skin is severely dehydrated. Chapped lips are a type of flaking exclusive to an especially delicate part of your face. Flaky skin is screaming for help, and when this happens only the best medical-grade skin care products will do.

It’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes flaking can be a sign of something more serious. This can include common skin conditions like eczema, and in some cases it might even be a sign of skin cancer. The latter is relatively rare (odd moles are more common), but you’ll still want to see your dermatologist or aesthetician if you notice dryness has given way to flaking.

Help Your Winter Skin Glow

If you have rosacea, you may notice that flare-ups occur more often in the winter months and especially in transitional periods when temperatures are fluctuating quite a bit. There’s no cure for rosacea, but there are skin care products along with aesthetic services to help soothe the symptoms. Doing your best to stay in regulated temperatures that aren’t too hot or too cold and avoiding hot beverages (which can be tough during this time of year) are also best practices to reducing flare-ups.

Itchy patches along with redness and irritation not related to rosacea are also bound to happen in the winter. This is usually a symptom of dry skin coupled with itchy clothes like winter wool or wearing beanie caps. Your skin is the biggest organ you have, and it needs hydration. Making your New Year’s resolution to drink more water (at least half of your body weight in ounces each day) is great. However, most people’s skin needs a little more help than that.

When’s the last time you spoke to an aesthetician about your skin worries and goals? It’s not something most people do on a regular basis but it’s a must because our skin—and the conditions we live in—is always changing. Learn more about skin care products available at Refined MD by calling (408) 688-2082.