Why Do Women Have More Cellulite Than Men?

Why Do Women Have More Cellulite Than Men? | RefinedMD, San Jose

Why Do Women Have More Cellulite Than Men?

Anyone at any age can have cellulite, but why does it seem like women get it more often than men? RefinedMD works with a number of clients battling cellulite, and it’s true that women are at a much higher risk. The answer is estrogen. Cellulite is caused by fat pockets that have been squeezed in between tissue bands that link muscle to skin. Some studies show there is a genetic component, but it’s virtually impossible to “predict” who will have cellulite.

However, estrogen does play a role in the cellulite game. There’s also the fact that the bands that actually link skin and muscle are different on women compared to men. Men tend to have thicker bands, and a lot more of them. These bands create a crisscross pattern in men, whereas they are more vertical in women. That “waffle” pattern in men helps to prevent cellulite from being as noticeable because there is less opportunity for fat to squeeze through.

Excess Fat and Cellulite

Excess fat can play a role in cellulite, and women usually have more than men. However, even very slender women can have cellulite. Every single person has those connecting bands, and even trace amounts of fat can pucker through. As an added “bonus” for women, they tend to store fat on their legs and butt—which is precisely where cellulite forms.

Although it might seem like the odds of cellulite increase with age, that isn’t necessarily true. It can begin at puberty or at any time afterward. When skin loses elasticity, this is also the time when muscle loss occurs, and fat gain happens. It just so happens this is more common with age, but age itself isn’t a factor.

The genetic component is in play because a person’s fibrous bands and tendency to store fat in specific areas is inherited. If someone’s mom (or dad!) has cellulite, they’re at a higher risk of developing it, too. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent cellulite and treat it when it does crop up. Prevention includes keeping a healthy weight and reasonable muscle mass, especially in the thighs and butt. It’s not foolproof, which is why treatments exist.

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