Young TikTok Influencer Shows Off Eyelid Lift Results

Young TikTok Influencer Shows Off Eyelid Lift Results | RefinedMD

Young TikTok Influencer Shows Off Eyelid Lift Results

Eyelid lifts aren’t just for older patients. Also known as blepharoplasty, an eyelid lift can be an effective tool for anyone with ptosis, the technical term for sagging eyelids. It’s actually one of the most popular add-on procedures at RefinedMD, often complementing a facelift and/or brow lift, but it can also be an excellent choice for a standalone procedure. There are two kinds of eyelid lifts, upper and lower. Some patients are fantastic candidates for both, but in many cases you’ll first notice the signs of aging and drooping in the upper eyelids.

This can be problematic for many reasons. It makes you look older and more tired than you are. Additionally, people seldom droop symmetrically. It’s very common to have more pronounced drooping of one eyelid. In severe cases, ptosis can cause vision impairment—though that is rarely why people seek it out. Instead, patients like influencer Roxy on TikTok are tired of looking tired. There has been an increase in people in their 20s asking for this procedure, and the results are positively astounding.

Roxy’s Eyelid Journey

The 20-something social media star has been sharing her plastic surgery journey on TikTok and recently made the big bandage reveal to her fans. She also featured a before and after photo, exclaiming of the before photo “Look how tired I look!” Roxy paired the surgery with an under eye chemical peel, which was performed during the surgery for optimal comfort, as she does not yet need a lower eyelid lift. Combining surgical procedures like blepharoplasty with non-surgical treatments is an excellent way to boost and sustain results. In fact, it’s often recommended. After all, surgery doesn’t address the quality of the skin itself and cannot remove hyperpigmentation. There are also many like Roxy who might have some fine lines and wrinkles in some areas, but not severe enough to call for surgery. That’s when options like peels, fillers, and Botox are recommended.

The end result was a bit of a “fox eye,” a current trend amongst Gen Z’ers. One of her fans commented, “I’m sorry but who is that 1st pic cuz it def does not look like you!” Roxy appeared tired, stressed, and her eyelids were clearly asymmetrical in regards to droopiness in the first picture she shared. Plus, the sagging was severe enough that it appeared she had two folds/creases in her upper eyelid instead of one. Such droopiness will only get worse and more uneven with age. Another commenter said, “First time seeing results that look so Dahm [sic] good.” Others said she was beautiful both before and after, which is true—but blepharoplasty gave Roxy not only the more youthful, energetic look she wanted, but also clearly boosted her confidence. One commenter said, “I do like the after more because you’re happier with yourself, and it shows.”

Designing Yourself

Roxy pointed out that it was only a couple of weeks after surgery and she was still a bit swollen and healing. “Those lines are the cut lines and will soften,” she said, referring to the incisions made in the natural crease of her eyelids. This is where the incision lines are hidden, and once healing is complete they effortlessly blend into the natural look of the face. For those who get a lower eyelid lift, incisions are hidden along the lashline. In many cases, a lower blepharoplasty is paired with liposuction (or a person may just need liposuction rather than trimming away of skin) and those tiny incisions are hidden inside the eyelid.

Getting facial plastic surgery in your 20s and 30s is getting more and more common. Patients have realized that thanks to innovations in techniques, healing processes are faster and procedures are suited for adults of all ages. There’s no need to wait until you “really need” a procedure in order to get it. Oftentimes we first start showing signs of aging around our eyes and eyelid lifts are a fast and relatively easy way to address this—with results that last for years. The actual surgery takes less than an hour and thanks to the high vascularity in this region, healing is comparably fast (though bruising and swelling is common).

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