This isn’t Your Dad’s Hair Transplant

This isn’t Your Dad’s Hair Transplant | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

This isn’t Your Dad’s Hair Transplant

When you hear the words “hair transplant,” you probably have a very striking image come to mind—but that image is usually straight out of 90s infomercials. A lot has changed in recent years when it comes to hair transplantation, and at RefinedMD, Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy only uses the latest techniques including SmartGraft and NeoGraft. Today’s procedures are shave-less, minimally invasive, and there’s no need to “go under.” In fact, patients are fully awake during the entire procedure and can watch the results unfold. They even have the ability to work with their doctor to refine final hairlines and results.

Old-school strip implants are out of date, and with good reason. While they certainly offered results, they also required shaving the head and a very invasive surgery that left scarring. SmartGraft and NeoGraft use an approached called follicular unit extraction or FUE. Both involve transplanting a single follicle from one part of the body to the desired area. Follicle by follicle, you can take hair from a dense area and permanently move it to a desired balding or thinning area.

As you can imagine, the extraction of a single follicle requires incredible precision—but also means virtually no scarring. Patients enjoy light anesthesia during the procedure so they feel no discomfort and can remain aware enough to converse with their surgeon. Many times, the “donor site” is at the back of the head and close to the neck. This is where a lot of people maintain a luscious mane of hair.

But what’s the difference between SmartGraft and NeoGraft? The approach is the same, but there are some key differences.

SmartGraft or NeoGraft?

SmartGraft is almost entirely automated. This allows for precision and speed. Your surgeon will manage the handheld device while you take advantage of a surprisingly quick procedure. NeoGraft, on the other hand, is completely manual. Naturally, this means the transplant appointment will take a little longer, but it also allows for even more precision. Deciding on SmartGraft vs NeoGraft is a personal choice you’ll make during a consultation with RefinedMD. Patients usually opt for NeoGraft if they’re only treating a small area (or simply prefer a manual touch) while those transplanting to larger areas often choose SmartGraft.

Both procedures promise permanent results, but even though you’ll watch the transplant take place, keep in mind that it will take a few months to actually see the results. Hair transplants of any type (even the old-fashioned ones) require the hair to go through a natural shedding and re-growth cycle. It’s completely normal to see some shedding after the transplant. This is your hair beginning the cycle, and you can look forward to seeing new, permanent regrowth in two to three months after the procedure.

Can Women Use FUE?

Women struggle with hair loss and thinning just like men. It’s a common sign of aging for everyone, and of course, genetics and stress can often play a role. Many women get FUE and it can do wonders for self-esteem and confidence. SmartGraft and NeoGraft can be fantastic avenues for women to reclaim their beauty—and get rid of those hats and headwraps for good.

Hair loss and thinning can have many causes, and it’s important to understand the root of loss and thinning while thinking about FUE. SmartGraft and NeoGraft are fantastic options for many individuals. However, if you have certain types of alopecia or are challenged with hair loss due to weaves, wig glue, or regularly wearing ponytails or braids that are too tight, FUE might not be for you. The good news is that sometimes modifications (like saying goodbye to high ponytails) can not only help restore natural hair growth but also make you an excellent candidate for FUE.

Ready to find out if the minimally-invasive SmartGraft or NeoGraft is right for you? Claim your confidence in 2020 and schedule a consultation today. You’ll learn more about the intricacies of each procedure and discover the best, personalized approach to addressing balding and thinning. Contact RefinedMD and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy today to schedule your FUE consultation.