Youthful You Package

Youthful You Package | RefinedMD, Los Gatos, San Jose

Youthful You Package

Every patient is constantly asking what we do to ourselves here at RefinedMD because our skin always looks so good. What are our secrets? Simple. It is adherence to the cornerstones of good skin care as described in ‘Great Skin for Life’, undergoing transformative treatments when needed and on a regular basis treating your skin to treatments which will stimulate collagen formation, decrease pigment and redness and give your skin the vibrancy and glow it deserves to keep you looking as young as you feel. These are the cornerstone of correction, protection and restoration of younger, healthier skin. With our new Visia Skin Analysis System we can assess your real age and your skin age and focus on those treatments that will remove years of visible aging changes from your skin.

FYBBL: Forever Young BBL. These gentler Broadband Light treatments are used after the initial corrective phase of treatments with BBL. These are set at gentler energy levels and longer wavelengths as we are now focused on stimulation of collagen production and increase skin cell turnover. If specific red spots or brown spots reappear, we can spot treat as needed with corrective settings.

GENESIS: The hidden secret of cosmetic offices. We gently bathe your skin with 10,000 points of low energy 1064 laser. Heating your skin with safe, gentle 1064 laser stimulates fibroblasts, increases collagen production and decreases background redness to your face. Safe on all skin types. The most popular skin treatment in South Korea, a country obsessed with perfect skin.

Microneedling with the Eclipse MicroPen. Using sterile stamping needles, we can adjust the depth of penetration of needling based on your skin type and amount of scarring. This treatment over time will improve texture, fine scars and help to break up resistant pockets and patches of pigmentation. Safe for all skin types.

MLP: Our famous MicroLaser Peel or NanoPeel. This is a full face treatment that is the laser equivalent to an acid peel. This treatment vaporizes the uppermost layer of our skin at just the right depth to allow for easy healing but also creates a robust regeneration of collagen deeper in the skin resulting in firmer, more radiant skin.

Light ProFrax Treatment: This ‘Fraxel ’like treatment is for those who are wanting to address issues of fine scars and coarse skin texture. During treatment the laser energy is drilled into your skin to remove a percentage of existing skin, thus allowing surrounding healthy skin to heal, repair and replace lost tissue as it returns to a more normal appearance.

THE PERFECT PEEL: Our favorite ‘leave on’ peel that directly addresses skin texture, acne concerns and pigmentation using a proprietary blend of 6 acids along with pharmaceutical concentration of glutathione, a compound that controls the pigment process and supports healthy skin regrowth.

HALO-‘LITE’: A treatment very similar to the Clear and Brilliant System. This uses Halo tips and technology but treats at a more superficial level, supporting the HALO treatments but having no downtime

LASER TONING with the QX-MAX: This treatment stimulates collagen production as well as controlling overall redness and pigmentation. Zero downtime.

We do not recommend any one treatment to be used on a continual basis, but recommend you ‘mix it up’ to receive the benefits of each individual treatment. Some patients may benefit more from one particular treatment than others. The package of 6 treatments is $2100. This package includes an introductory assessment using our new VISIA Skin Analysis System and two complimentary treatment sessions with the newest models of the SILK PEEL SKIN INFUSION SYSTEMS. ($400 additional value)