Fire, Ice, and Thunder – 2019 Body Contouring Treatments

Fire Ice and Thunder - 2019 Body Contouring Treatments

Fire, Ice, and Thunder – 2019 Body Contouring Treatments

“We’re our own worst critic” is often true, especially when it comes to our bodies. RefinedMD is committed to empowering clients to take control safely, effectively, and with compassion. How we perceive ourselves is directly tied to our confidence, and everyone could use a little boost. Dr. Swengel and his team can help you increase confidence with FIRE, ICE, and THUNDER.

RF Body Contouring Treatments

FIRE, or radiofrequency, is the featured technology in Vanquish Me and Exilis. These RF-based technologies destroy fat cells with heat—your body metabolizes the fats cells in a comfortable, non-surgical procedure. They’re great for treating larger areas.

CoolSculpting Is So Cool

Prefer to keep your cool? Coolsculpting is an “ICE” way to do it. The cold-based technology of Coolsculpting isolates stubborn fat and freezes the fat cells. At a low enough temperature, the cells “die” and are metabolized by the body. At RefinedMD, we combine Coolsculpting with ZWAVE, a small thunderstorm, to break up the frozen cells and offer up to 9% more fat reduction. It’s a double whammy of a fat-busting storm.

Electromagnetic Body Contouring

THUNDER roars in with Emsculpt, the newest technology at the clinic. Using MRI strength electromagnetic waves, Emsculpt’s signals penetrate into the muscle. It tells the fibers to contract, just like when you work out at the gym. This contraction of every muscle fiber is called a supramaximal contraction. With this thunderstorm, you’ll build muscle and reduce fat without breaking a sweat.

Do these natural wonders sound too good to be true? There is one catch. No treatment can outdo a poor diet or lack of exercise regimen. Patients see best results when they maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you’re looking for even more dramatic results, then you need to increase activity or exercise plans and adopt a healthier diet. The full results are in your hands, but the right technology can take you to another level.

Body Contouring Consultation at RefinedMD

Are you ready to learn more about our amazing suite of body contouring services including CoolSculpting, Vanquish Me, Exilis, and Emsculpt? We invite you to learn more about our practice and book a complimentary consultation by calling (408) 688-2082 today.