3 Reasons Kybella is Better Than Lipo, Diet, AND Exercise

3 Reasons Kybella is Better Than Lipo, Diet, AND Exercise

Kybella is one of the latest injectables available at RefinedMD. Unlike other popular injectables, such as dermal fillers and Botox, Kybella exclusively works to dissolve the submental fat that causes double chins. Prior to Kybella, the only “fix” for a double chin was liposuction surgery—and that was assuming diet and exercise hadn’t work.

Double chins can happen to anyone, regardless of weight. They can be exacerbated by a “weak jaw,” which is genetic, and tend to develop more as we get older and skin laxity occurs. In other words, a double chin can be caused by excess submental fat, loose skin, or both. If submental fat is the cause, Kybella can help.

Kybella uses a series of synthetic deoxycholic acid injections. This acid is the body’s natural fat buster, but a synthetic version injected directly into the double chin area can dissolve this fat while the body naturally absorbs and expels the cells. Most people need 3 – 6 Kybella injections spaced one month apart for optimal results, but many see significant results before their second injection. Once this fat is gone, it never grows back, so a conservative approach from a skilled injector is a must. Also, a Kybella “injection” is a bit of a misnomer. This isn’t like Botox or dermal fillers, which use a single needle. Instead, Kybella is injected with a special “stamp” so that several needles can inject the acid at once. This makes for a quicker and more comfortable experience.

Is Kybella for you? Here are three reasons it beats the old-fashioned way of trying to get rid of double chins, such as surgery, diet, and exercise:

  1. There is no surgical risk or downtime. Kybella is considered a minimally-invasive procedure because needles are required. However, it is much safer than a surgery (like liposuction) because no general anesthesia is needed. Plus, there is no downtime, though the area might be a bit red and swollen immediately after the treatment. There are also no incisions, which means no scars. When it comes to surgery, anesthesia is typically the riskiest part of the procedure, but you can avoid that risk with Kybella. Still, just like with surgery, fat cells removed via Kybella are gone for good! So you get similar results without the cost, pain, and risk of surgery.
  2. Kybella lets you spot reduce. Whether you try to “lose fat” from diet, exercise, or both, you can’t pick and choose which fat is lost. That isn’t the case with Kybella. Deoxycholic acid is injected exactly where you need it—the submental fat area. Many people try to get rid of their double chin by “losing weight,” but that often doesn’t help. Even very slender, fit people can have a double chin. If you are struggling with pockets of fat in specific areas, diet and exercise won’t work—you need body contouring treatments like Kybella.
  3. “Face yoga” and other facial exercises produce limited, if any, results. Yes, facial exercises and face yoga is “having a moment” and it’s true that the face (including below the chin) has a complex structure comprised of several small muscles. Could “working out” your under-chin area help tone and tighten, resulting in a less obvious double chin? Maybe, but just like any strength training routine there are limits and you need to keep doing these exercises to maintain the results. Simply put, it’s faster, easier, and much longer lasting to choose Kybella for double chin treatment instead of a workout.

What if you have both loose skin and pockets of fat in this area? You can combine skin tightening treatments with Kybella. Thermage FLX is one of the best options for skin tightening, and most people need just one treatment for optimal results. Thermage FLX is non-invasive and uses heat energy to stimulate collagen production. Results are dramatic and can last for several months.

Not sure what the cause of your double chin is? Let’s find out together during a consultation. Discover all of your options to achieve smoother, more taut, youthful skin including in difficult areas like under the chin. Connect with RefinedMD today by calling the office or completing the online contact form today.