5 Benefits to Lip Fillers BEYOND Plumpness

5 Benefits to Lip Fillers BEYOND Plumpness | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

5 Benefits to Lip Fillers BEYOND Plumpness

When you think about lip fillers, you likely think of fuller, plumper lips—and that’s definitely a reason many clients come to RefinedMD for their lip augmentation. However, there are many benefits to lip fillers, especially those comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA) like the products in the Juvederm family. The vast majority of lip fillers are made with a synthetic form of HA, a protein that is naturally synthesized in our skin. HA fillers are fantastic because the results are immediate, and the HA component ensures that there is virtually no risk of the body “rejecting” the fillers.

However, a lack of fullness is just one complaint when it comes to the lips. Here are a few other perks to lip fillers that you might not know about (but may definitely benefit from):

Lip fillers redefine the vermillion of the lips.

Did you know that a common sign of aging is that the pink borders of the lip get “blurred” as we get older? It’s not something that we necessarily notice, but it’s part of what makes a person look older. In reality, children and young people usually have very well-defined lip borders. By inserting fillers along the vermillion line, the pinkness can be redefined and provide better structure to the lips. You will look younger while also enjoying a plumper pout.

You can get lip symmetry.

The “ideal” ratio of lips shifts somewhat over time, and right now it’s about 60% fullness in the lower lip and 40% in the upper lip. If you have ever seen someone with a fuller upper lip than lower lip, then you know that being “off” when it comes to symmetry just doesn’t look right. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the ideal ratio. A lot of the time, facial symmetry is just off. In these cases, it may be beneficial to get lip fillers in just one lip, one part of the lip, or your provider might put fillers throughout both lips but with an aim towards symmetry.

You can hide a gummy smile.

Unless you’re Beyonce, you probably don’t love your gummy smile. There are a myriad of reasons why gummy smiles occur, and one of them is a thin upper lip. Plumpness in the upper lip can hide a gummy smile, but getting a lip flip along with lip fillers can really help with this. Lip flips require Botox carefully injected along the upper lip line in very small quantities. This stops the lip from hiking up too much and can be effective for about three months (Botox and its counterparts typically don’t last as long in the lips compared to other places because of how mobile the area is).

Improve your profile.

In an era where our image is everywhere online, maybe you’ve noticed that it’s your profile that you don’t love. For those who are working towards Influencer status or simply want total confidence on those Zoom calls, addressing how your lips look in profile can be achieved with lip fillers. Oftentimes, this is yet another symmetry issue, but one that might not be noticeable head-on when you look in the mirror.

Fill in lip wrinkles.

Of course, injecting a filler into an area that has lines and wrinkles is going to fill them in. However, have you noticed that your lips seem more wrinkled as you get older? On the other hand, fill them too much and you face the risk of “sausage lips.” The skill of the injector is just as important as the quality of the filler, so make sure you only work with the best lip injectors for optimum outcomes.

Now that mask mandates are lifting, you deserve to be confident when fully facing the world. The demand for lip injections is growing yet again as it is becoming impossible to hide lips behind a mask. The results of HA fillers are immediate, but you should plan for about one week of swelling before seeing full results. However, if you want other types of fillers—those that rely on collagen induction therapy—you need to start right now to get those lips ready for summer. Connect with RefinedMD today to schedule your lip filler appointment by calling the office or filling out the online form.