Sun Exposure Doesn’t “Dry Up” Acne: Busting the Myth

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Sun Exposure Doesn’t “Dry Up” Acne: Busting the Myth

The idea that sun exposure gets rid of acne is one of the most dangerous and persistent myths. It’s one myth that patients regularly share at RefinedMD, and it’s time to put a stop to this old wives’ tale for good. You’ve probably heard (or shared) it yourself, and there’s a reason why we keep believing it. In the short term, it’s possible that UV rays could reduce inflammation, kind of like a blue mask. This can make acne appear temporarily controlled, but it’s actually doing more harm than good—and gearing up for even more breakouts.

Long Term Effects Of The Sun’s UV Rays

The damage from the sun’s UV rays is immense. In the long term, it can negatively impact your immune system. It can also cause dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, it starts producing more oil to fix the issue. More oil means more clogged pores and more odds of a breakout. The perceived benefits of sun exposure on the skin are very short-lived. Your body will do whatever it can to restore balance, and that includes the balance of oil production.

Some people skip sunscreen, especially on the face, because they think it will lead to breakouts. It’s even easier to forego this important regimen on cloudy days. However, sunscreen can only cause breakouts if it’s a sunscreen that’s oil-based and not designed for the face. Part of a lifelong, healthy skincare routine is finding products that work for you. A dermatologist can recommend a quality, broadband sunscreen specifically meant for the face. Not only will it not cause breakouts, but it can also even make your skin appear healthier and provide a fantastic foundation for makeup or other products.

Understandably, most people don’t adopt the perfect acne and sunscreen regimen at a young age. A lot of us suffered through our teen years (and well beyond!) with acne and other skin conditions. Acne scarring is incredibly common and can linger for years. RefinedMD offers the best in both preventative cares for acne and treatments to get rid of acne scarring for good.

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