Aquagold Takes Microneedling to the Next Level

Aquagold Takes Microneedling to the Next Level | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Aquagold Takes Microneedling to the Next Level

Microneedling has been around since the turn of the last century, but there have been many advances since that time. It is one of the most popular add-on treatments at RefinedMD, but thanks to the latest iteration—Aquagold—microneedling has reclaimed its title as one of the most popular standalone procedures, too. Microneedling works by creating hundreds or thousands of micro-channels (also called micro-traumas) in the skin. It’s a form of collagen induction therapy. When the skin is damaged, particularly in a controlled manner like with microneedling, the body responds by increasing collagen production in order to heal this area. Collagen is the foundation for youthful, healthy, bright skin, but we make less of it as we age. With tools like microneedling, we can reclaim our collagen while telling it exactly where to be produced.

Aquagold amps up microneedling. There are various medical-grade microneedling tools available, and every clinic might have different options. Quality microneedling tools are equipped with needles that are just the right length and width to achieve optimal collagen production. They are worlds apart from any so-called DIY, at-home “microneedling kits.” Only professionals can legally purchase medical-grade microneedling devices—and only trained experts can safely and effectively perform this treatment. NEVER try microneedling at home. When performed by a non-professional, it can cause permanent scarring.

Aquagold is different because the needles are 24-carat fine touch, patented gold-plated needles. They penetrate the skin at a 600-micron depth, which is ideal for a pain-free and optimized collagen induction treatment. Every Aquagold treatment is single-use and comes with a disposable applicator. Getting the perfect width, depth, and quality of needle penetration is a must for the best microneedling results. However, that’s not all that makes Aquagold unique.

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Aquagold is equipped not only with gold needles, but hollow needles that can be filled with any medical-grade product that your provider deems a good fit for your skin goals and needles. This can include enzymes, vitamins, tiny amounts of botulinum toxin (Botox), and even hyaluronic acid (HA), the most common ingredient in dermal fillers. This takes the common pairing of microneedling and facials above and beyond what has been achieved before, building on one of the most common pairings.

For years, skin experts have recommended microneedling before various treatments, particularly facials. This makes sense since microneedling creates temporary channels in the skin that allows topicals to best penetrate the dermis. In other words, if you get microneedling before a HydraFacial (for example), the last stage of the HydraFacial is most effective. Topicals simply work better when they have deeper access to the skin. Of course, Aquagold can be filled with non-topicals, too (such as botulinum toxin), thus combining two treatments in one.

What to Expect with Aquagold

Even though Aquagold does much more than traditional microneedling, there’s no added downtime or appointment time. It’s common to look red or pink for up to 24 hours after any microneedling/Aquagold treatment, but this typically looks sun-kissed and most clients feel comfortable. Most Aquagold treatments, like any microneedling treatment, takes 30 minutes or less per treatment site.

Also, similar to traditional microneedling, a lot of clients opt for monthly sessions in order to maintain their results. Aquagold is imbuing skin with topicals and other treatments, but the collagen induction therapy is a long game. Monthly appointments will keep that collagen production exactly where you want it, which means that results keep getting better with time.

Go for the (Aqua)Gold

You can use microneedling and Aquagold to treat a number of skin conditions including laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, light scarring, and even stubborn types of hyperpigmentation like melasma. It’s suitable for men and women of all ages and with all skin types. There’s a reason it’s been in demand for well over 100 years, and microneedling just keeps getting better.

If you’ve tried microneedling before, you’re going to love the Aquagold difference. And if you’re new to microneedling, you’re lucky to be able to start your relationship with the latest technology. Schedule your appointment today by calling RefinedMD or, for the fastest response, complete the online contact form right now.